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Kebdet El Prince Crisis Management Role Model

So many brands in the world become scared when it comes to crisis online “especially on social media”, actually, they are afraid of their customers, so that their first action is to remain silent, but in fact they give the heat a chance to increase, without responding to what is being said about them online. Let’s see what Kebdet El Prince have done online to tackle rumors.

On 23rd of March, 2014, a strong case has come across, it’s really worth to share. An oriental restaurant in Cairo, Egypt called “Kebdet El Prince” faced fake news from big newspapers online, about the quality of their meat and that the owner has got arrested because of the defected meat, accordingly, the news spread online and the negative conversations started.

Nobody thought that a local restaurant can manage a social media crisis like that! Even big brands haven’t the courage to take the same steps like El Prince took to handle such negative buzz — Anyway, please let us show you what ElPrince have done online to tackle the situation and made a positive reaction about the crisis.

What Happened?

News spread through & Al Masry AlYoum newspapers that Department of Public Prosecutions closed Kebdet ElPrince for spoiled meat. Quickly news spread over on social networks. Heat & rumors started to rise against Kebdet ElPrince.

Al Youm7 Rumor about Kebdet El Prince

Kebdet El Prince Social Media Strategy to Manage the Negative News:

We won’t spend too much to explain how Kebdet El Prince managed the crisis, we will just share with you a quick and summarized take-outs by our friend & colleague Nehal Hesham “The Social Media Science Founder” which cannot agree more with.

Nehal Hesham Comment on Kebdet El Prince

Nehal’s take-outs

kebdet El Prince has been dealing with their latest crisis in a way that is even better than best and top brands online do!

  1. They have quickly responded to the fake news
  2. They used the hashtags people are using to build on them
  3. They have shared loyal fans feedback, and shares
  4. They added a live picture of Nasr El Brenc saying كبده البرنس خط احمر
  5. Live pictures of people eating at el brenc at the day of the news

“Kebdet El Prince” awareness posts on Facebook

kebdet el prince

Kebdet El Prince have been able to turn the negativity into positivity online – Verbatim:

People feedbacks on social networks reflect how good was Kebdet El Prince in managing that heat, HYG verbatim from what’s being said and how credible is Kebdet El Prince for their customers.

Now, we encourage brands to face their troubles online and be transparent with their customers, don’t fear what people say, if you’re not defected, go talk to your customers directly and don’t wait.

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  1. It was not the most amazing counter campaign as u said as most of el prince customers who I know will not eat their any more !

  2. @Bassem: Well, that’s true, but let me tell you that ElPrince been able to decrease the negative impact – they cannot prevent it.
    From the social media prospective, they’ve done the right thing and succeeded to retain by making a decent buzz about them. That’s cool somehow!