Meet the New Apple TV

Apple has introduced this year a wide range of updates and new products, one of the most interesting products is “the new Apple TV”.
Tim Cook said at Apple’s September event today that “Apple has been working “really hard and long” on the new device.”
Apple enabled apps on the new Apple TV, developers can now bring more apps to the AppStore customized for the new TV. Also, Siri has been included to the TV in order to give more power to users.
Now, you can ask Siri to control your TV, pause, play, whatever you wish to do, without the need to use your remote control.
The new Apple TV comes with a focus on games, and for the first time friends can join you in multiplayer games using their iPhones.

The new Apple TV will be available next month with the following prices:

  • $149 for the 32GB model
  • $199 for the 64GB model

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