NGOs Ad Value Exceeds EGP 250 Million in Ramadan 2017

The number of commercial spots presented by non-profit organizations during Ramadan is valued at EGP 250 million in Egypt, according to IPSOS report.

The report, which has been conducted for the first ten days of Ramadan, calculated the value of the running commercials by NGOs according to its spots distribution regardless of its industry.

According to sources, it’s well-known that non-profit organizations get a high discount percentage as a CSR contribution from TV channels.

Top Spenders

Hospital 57357 topped the list with 3,692 ad-spots valued at EGP 108 Million, which represents 43% of the total industry advertising budget in the first 10 days of Ramadan; hospital 500 500 comes in the second place with 3,064 ad-spots valued at EGP 56 Million; Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation comes third with 1,997 ad-spots with an approximately EGP 36 Million; and then comes Baheya Breast Cancer Foundation in the forth place with 1,792 ad-sports with a budget of EGP 21 Million.

The charity advertising budget is 1.6 times the telecommunications industry.

Ad-Spot Distribution

Hospital 57357 advertisements appeared more repetitively on Al-Nahar & DMC channels, while 500 500 hospital chose to appear more on MBC Masr and DMC. Meanwhile, Magdi Yacoub Foundation spent more than 50 percent of its budget on MBC MASR, DMC and MBC MASR 2, and finally Baheya Breast Cancer Foundation spent more than 50 percent of its budget on DMC, Al-Nahar Drama, ON E channels.


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