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Coming up: New series & movies on Netflix in January 2022

This January, the giant online streaming platform Netflix is releasing a number of new original series and movies.

Here’s a summary of the Netflix Originals scheduled to release throughout January 2022 including, English, Non-English shows, or movies.

English Netflix Originals Coming in January 2022

Action Pack (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: January 4th

It’s a Pre-school animation series from the same studio as Muppet Babies, Phineas and Ferb, and Disney Jr’s Nursery Rhymes.

The series follows Treena, Watts, Wren, and Clay, who use their superpowers to take on the most significant threats in Hope Springs. They implement the lessons taught by Mr. Ernesto at the Action Academy.

Archive 81 (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: January 14th

Loosely adapted from the horror podcast series, Archive 81 follows an archivist. He is restoring tapes that lead him down a mystery with many twists and turns.

Among the cast assembled for this series includes Mamoudou Athie, Dina Shibabi, Martin Donovan, Matt McGorry, Julia Chan, Evan Jonigkeit, and Ariana Neal.

The House (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: January 14th

It’s a new dark-comedy stop-motion series from Nexus Studios.

Here’s how Netflix has described the series:

“The House is an eccentric, dark comedy about a house and the three surreal tales of the individuals who made it their home. An anthology directed by the leading voices in independent stop motion animation: Emma de Swaef and Marc Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr and Paloma Baeza and produced by Nexus Studios.”

Matthew Goode, Miranda Richardson, Mia Goth, and Claudie Blakley, the voice cast you’ll hear throughout the anthology series.

Ozark (Season 4 – Part 1)

Coming to Netflix: January 21st

The Byrdes journey ends in 2022, with the first half of the two-part final season arriving towards the end of January 2022.

We’ve followed the family, and they’ve dug themselves deeper and deeper into the cartel that they’re money laundering every season.

Munich — The Edge of War (2022)

Coming to Netflix: January 22nd

One of the first major Netflix Original movies of the year will be Munich, a British drama film based on the book by Robert Harris.

The movie sees a British diplomat traveling to Munich in World War 2.

The cast for the movie includes Jeremy Irons, who plays Neville Chamberlain. He’ll star alongside George MacKay, Jannis Niewöhner, and Sandra Hüller.

In From The Cold (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: January 28th

This new crime thriller series tells the story of a Mom who has her life upended after being in hiding for years—having to choose to return to her former life or to stick with her family. Written and shown by Adam Glass (known for The CW’s Supernatural and The Chi).

Filmed in Madrid, Spain, the series is led by Margarita Levieva, who will play Jenny Franklin.

Dota: Dragons Blood (Book 2)

Coming to Netflix: TBD

Combining Western animation and anime, Dragons Blood, based on the video game from Valve, first debuted in 2021 and will be back for its second entry in January 2022.

Non-English Language Netflix Originals Coming in January 2022


Language: Spanish
Coming to Netflix: January 5th

Netflix is rebooting the teen comedy series Rebelde which initially ran between 2004 and 2006.

Some of the original cast is expected to return to the show. Still, generally, this is a brand new entry that will seem to lean heavily into music, given that the series released a music video in late October.

Photocopier (2021)

Language: Indonesian
Coming to Netflix: January 13th

Kaninga Pictures and Rekata Studio produced it. This movie out of Indonesia has rocked the awards circuits in the region. It tells the story of Sur, a student who lost her scholarship after a drunk selfie surfaced online.

The Journalist (Season 1)

Language: Japanese
Coming to Netflix: January 13th

A journalist known as the maverick of news media defiantly chases the truth in this series adaptation of the hit movie of the same name.

The series comes from Michihito Fujii and stars Ryoko Yonekura, Go Ayano, Ryusei Yokohama and Hidetaka Yoshioka.

The Beast  / The Wasteland / El páramo (2022)

Language: Spanish
Coming to Netflix: January 26th

This new Spanish horror premiered in October 2021 at the Sitges Film Festival, and David Casademunt directed it.

Here’s what you can expect:

“The tranquil lives of a family isolated from the rest of society are disturbed by a terrifying creature, testing the ties that bind them together.”


The Orbital Children (Season 1)

Language: Japanese
Coming to Netflix: January 28th

New sci-fi anime series set in the year 2045 where an AI has meant humans can easily travel to space. Children are now born on the moon as well as the Earth.

Six episodes will arrive in total.

All of Us Are Dead (Season 1)

Language: Korean
Coming to Netflix: January 28th

Train to Busan has been one of the most influential zombie movies in years. The country has nailed the genre thus far and hopes to continue that trend out of South Korea is All of Us Are Dead.

The series is inside a school where a zombie outbreak occurs, and we follow a set of students fighting to survive.

Among the cast for this new Korean zombie series are Yi-Hyun Cho, Ji-hu Park, and Park Solomon.

Other Netflix Original Releases Planned for January 2022

  • The Hook Up Plan (Season 3) – French – January 1st – The final season
  • Incastrati (Season 1) – Italian – January 1st – Comedy series
  • The Club (Part 2) – Turkish – January 6th – Period drama series
  • Undercover (Season 3) – Dutch – January 10th – Crime drama
  • Feria: The Darkest Light – Spanish – TBD – Fantasy series

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