OSN Network Drives Up To Six Times Online Sales Using Facebook Ads

The Middle Eastern TV operator, OSN, saw online sales rise 6.3 times after using the Facebook website conversions ad objective. Promoting its new online-only subscription package, “El Farq.”

Formed in 2009, OSN is the leading pay-TV operator in the Middle East and North Africa. Offering premium entertainment content from major networks and studios with over 150 TV channels.

Last October, OSN wanted to drive sales on its website,, and promote a new subscription package in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Jordan.

Because pay TV has broad appeal among different demographics, OSN hoped to use Facebook ads to reach a wide audience.

Target Audience

OSN knew its audience would react well to a simple and valuable offer. It created a new “El Farq” subscription package with a competitive price and an easy setup. The offer was only available through its website.

Working with its media agency Starcom, OSN developed a Facebook campaign to reach affluent audiences on mobile on a large scale.

  • Starting with a broad audience. It targeted ads to people interested in entertainment, high-end goods, technology, and high-end mobile devices.
  • It also targeted ads to a lookalike audience of its existing customers.
  • Finally, it also retargeted ads to two groups of people:
    1. Website visitors who did not complete their purchase
    2. Lapsed customers whom it hoped to win back

Using the Facebook website conversions ad objective, OSN encouraged customers to visit its website to sign up for the new deal.


Following Facebook’s best practices. The ad creative was customized for a mobile environment, and the messaging was presented clearly and immediately.

Therefore, the ads boldly said, “We added, simplified, and removed.” Pique customer curiosity and combine it with relevant and engaging clips from TV shows that brought the offer to life.

OSN successfully used the website conversions ad objective to encourage people to visit its website. Which significantly boosted sales. Running from October 31–November 13, 2018, the campaign achieved:

  • 6.3 times increase in online sales

Facebook products used

  • Carousel: Show up to ten images or videos in a single ad.
  • Core Audiences: Select the right target audience for your ads.
  • Custom Audiences: Reach your customers and contacts on Facebook.
  • Lookalike Audiences: Find people who are similar to your customers and contacts.

Saba Omaish, Senior Manager, Media Buying and Planning, OSN, said:

“This campaign was a testament to the benefits one can derive from marrying the right proposition with the right audience.”

While Mohamed Helmy, Performance Manager, Starcom, said:

“Using Facebook ads, we have increased demand for OSN products among our target audience. In our media mix, Facebook platforms increased user engagement and online sales.”

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