Vodafone Egypt’s Ramadan 2022 Ad Sparks Feelings

Vodafone Egypt kicked off the Ramadan media race with a brand TVC “Eli Benna Hayah” which translates to “What We Have Between Us is Life”, collaborating with Amr Diab, who performed the ad song.

Every Ramadan, Egyptians and even Arabs wait for telecom companies’ brand campaigns, as they bring full creativity to the screen.

Vodafone is one of the top companies that audiences wait for, as the company excels in expressing the greatness of human feelings through its Ramadan ads.

The extraordinary Ad moved the audience’s emotions, gained very positive feedback, and many comments stated that the advert made them want to be in a relationship.

On Facebook, the ad has gained over 8 million views, 112K reactions, over 7K comments, and 15K shares.

On YouTube, it has over four million views.

All of these numbers happened in less than 48 hours.

“It’s better than all Ramadan series,” some people posted on YouTube; others said, “It’s the best ad ever.” It received many incredible heartwarming comments on Facebook praising the beauty and splendor of the ad.

This is known that Vodafone distinguishes itself and makes a special appearance every year during Ramadan through its Ads, collaborating with many famous and popular stars in Egypt.

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