Fatafeat Launches ‘Fight Hunger’ Campaign

Fatafeat launched “Fight Hunger” campaign, an initiative encouraging the public to join the fight against hunger worldwide. Offering an easy way to raise awareness by supporting the movement against hunger online in order to help families in need.

According to reports, 4,000 people die every hour because of hunger as well as one out of nine children under the age of five dies every year for the same reason. Fatafeat aims to donate to 500 families across the MENA region based on the public’s participation in the “Fight Hunger” campaign.

The ‘’Fight Hunger’’ campaign launches at a critical time when millions of Syrian refugees struggle with hunger with no shelter and stuck between borders. To raise awareness of the issue of hunger in the world and help generate meals for those in need, Fatafeat is encouraging the public to take action online to raise awareness about end hunger around the world.

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