Nestlé Pure Life celebrates 150th anniversary with a ‘Recycling’ campaign

There’s nothing like reaching for an ice cold bottle of water on a hot summer’s day, but what do we do with all the leftover packaging? As Egypt’s most popular brand of bottled water, and with the 150th anniversary of its mother company this year, Nestlé Pure Life Egypt decided to launch a competition encouraging innovation in recycling, challenging its fans to flex their creative muscles for the chance to win a trip to Beirut.

The competition launched with an online copy starring six of Egypt’s most popular social media influencers, showing off just how creative they can get with repurposed bottles.

Divided into pairs, the three teams turn their stash of bottles into a skirt, chandelier and throne, reinforcing the idea that recycling can be easy and fun, and that a water bottle’s life shouldn’t end once its contents are gone. Check out the copy below.

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