Orange teams up with influencers to jump start the 4G race in Egypt

After maintaining a very conservative stance with their social media strategy, Orange dipped its toes into the pool of influencers last week, for the very first time. Salma Abu Deif, an influencer of the highest caliber who is famous for her modeling and incredible sense of fashion, appeared on their latest video promoting their brand new 4G service.

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The video tested different influencers’ knowledge on 4G.  Alongside Salma Abu Deif, other influencers such as Abdoul, Aly Othman and Nurhan Abu Bakr were asked what it is they knew about the 4G service and what they would do with it. Thus, raising awareness on the latest technology to hit Egypt and its importance. The video gained over 21k views and 130 shares in just 3 days.

In an ingenious twist, Orange paired their video with an activation, telling users to post a 30 second video explaining what it is they know about the new 4G service along with the hashtag #Orange4G. All videos will enter a draw giving 3 people the chance to win the brand-new iPhone 7; a dream for many Egyptians as the iPhone 7 is a highly sought after piece of technology.

It’s quite obvious Orange began their first experience with influencers with a massive bang and isn’t stopping there. We anticipate many more projects similar to this one and we are looking forward to seeing them work with more influencers.

Watch the video and take part in the race for the new iPhone 7.

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