Vodafone Spooks Egyptians With Viral Flex Super Powers Campaign

Vodafone Egypt took advantage of the Halloween celebrations in Egypt to create more exposure for the Flex tariff. They devised a creative campaign designed to go viral and provide maximum exposure.

The fun part is that no one had any idea that Vodafone was involved until later. The Campaign centered around two videos showing supposedly paranormal activity.

In the first video: a young woman seemingly walks through the elevator door after the elevator gets stuck. She simply disappears through the closed door like a ghost.

In the second video: two young men are trying to retrieve their ball, which has rolled under a car. One of them casually lifts the front of the car with his bare hands as the other picks up the ball.

Going Viral 

The most exciting part of the videos is how unpolished they look. They were both captured by security cameras, making them look authentic. Most commenters on Facebook believed they had just witnessed real superpowers.

Instead of distributing them through their official Facebook page or some well-known social media influencers, Vodafone chose two average Facebook users to spread the videos.

This made the events in the videos even more believable.

Soon, other social media influencers picked up the videos and spread them to their wide networks. The videos quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views.

In addition, the media was abuzz with OMG! Stories about the viral videos on social media.

Akhbarak, DotMasr, and Youm7 reported them, and AlNahar TV channel and then Nogoum FM spotted them during live talk shows and argued audience to participate in debates about the validity of those videos.

Revealed – Flex Super Powers Campaign

Just before Halloween, Vodafone revealed their involvement in the massively Super Powers viral videos and linked to Flex Super powers commercial adverts, which were launched in October.

Key Takeaways

  • Viral Content –  Use social media to create excitement and buzz about your product. Create viral content that goes viral and earns you massive exposure.

• Authenticity – Social media users respond to content that looks authentic. Instead of polished cinematic videos, Vodafone opted for two grainy, low-quality, very realistic videos.

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