Zombies? No problem with Careem ShareTracker new feature

Facebook was buzzing with a supernatural incident posted on two distinct Facebook accounts on the 25th and 26th of October.

We all know this might be a prank (considering Halloween), but who knows, maybe that zombie invisibly intended to, you know, “be active.”

At last, it wasn’t a prank! It was the Careem Halloween genius campaign, announcing the ShareTracker new feature!

The campaign was well crafted to grab attention and create a buzz.

The first teaser was a video posted by Mustafa M. Abo Aly’s personal profile to grab attention:

Moreover, comments went crazy, asking what happened.

Even validating and defending its supernatural.

The second teaser was more realistic, a video of a surveillance camera capturing a kiosk man being taken. Mohamed Adnan, who posted the video, captioned it that he knows that man. Since then, he did not see him again. People got terrified, as it looked so real, and the script written for the background voices made it more believable.

People got frightened more…

or went crazy analyzing what happened (one of them got 200+ likes!)

Another got 163 likes.

Another commenter’s gone too far analyzing the timestamps on the video.

Among the comments, there were predictions that this is a social media campaign; some of them got it right:

Then Careem posted a video for the campaign announcing their new feature, “ShareTracker.”

Why is this Campaign genius?

Authenticity: Careem focused on authentic non-branded content created by users like Adnan & Abo Aly, making the content more believable. As a result, it created a buzz!

Shareability: The non-branded content made the teasers more believable and more shareable. The audience kept sharing to get answers to their worries and fears.

Snowball Effect: When the teaser videos were posted, they went viral, raising questions and predictions, even among people who guessed it right.

Fear is a primary feeling: It is common for Egyptians to take a ride with a stranger, so the new ShareTracker feature from Careem helps customers share their rides with their loved ones. Careem is now safer than before (and cheaper; bonus: 20% discount).

Timing: The Halloween theme, along with the campaign primary appeal (FEAR) and timing, was perfectly chosen considering the non-branded teasers.

We cannot help but applause such creative campaigns that take User Generated Content to the next level.

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