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ebn el wazeer khad meny el mic

A funny campaign against favoritism ‘Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meny El...

Over the last week a new kind of viral campaigns called "Ebn El Wazeer Khad Meny El Mic" has spread like a wildfire among specific...
before the flood review

‘Before the Flood’ Review: Going Viral Before TV Debut

After a few years of static buzz on the matter, climate change is back on our feeds. This time around, Leonardo DiCaprio is directing...
CLEAR, FIILGOAL, Filgoal’s Barakat, Emam Video Hits 1 Million Views in 24 Hours

Filgoal’s Barakat, Emam Video Hits 1 Million Views in 24 Hours's video featuring Al Ahly's former striker Mohamed Barakat and Zamalek's legend Hazem Emam has generated 1 million views in the first 24 hours on facebook. Barakat...
Viral Video: Canadian PM breaks fast with Muslim Parliamentarians

Viral Video: Canadian PM breaks fast with Muslim Parliamentarians

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a video yesterday on facebook and twitter having Iftar with Canadian Muslim parliamentarians. The video hit four million views on facebook in the...
sharmoofers, zombie, social media, influencers, foodies, bloggers, fashionista

Sharmoofers new YouTube hit ‘Zombie’ mocks social media influencers

Zombies and social media influencer wannabes glued to their mobile screens is how Sharmoofers portrayed Egyptian youth in their new music video hit. Watch...
water for life, unicef egypt, digital boom

UNICEF Egypt is using click-funding to fundraise ‘Water for Life’

For the first time, UNICEF Egypt is using click-funding to fundraise "Water for Life" project. Each view, like, comment or share to the campaign...
coca cola caravan , coca cola, JWT, advertising, brazil, campaign, santavideo

Coca-cola Boosts Happiness With a Bridge For Santa

The TV Commercial Ad titled "A bridge for Santa" was done by J. Walter Thompson advertising agency for Coca-cola in Brazil. It was released in...
starbucks christmas, plain red cups, digital boom, starbucks plain red cups, social media frenzy

Starbucks Christmas Cups Spark Heated Controversy

Trees, snowflakes, snowman, and santa went missing from Starbucks Christmas plain red cups this season sparking a social media frenzy with thousands of controversial conversations coming...
snapchat life, qatar, arab, millions views, digital boom

How to get 3-5 millions views on Snapchat?

Snapchat has always celebrated the way that people see the world. It’s fun to experience different perspectives through Snaps, Stories and Our Story. One of the...
saad lemjarred, hussain al-jassmi, youtube arabic, youtube mena, youtube views, yourube stats arab

Saad Lemjarred Tops Arabic Music Videos on YouTube

LM3ALLEM by Saad lemjarred hits 121 million views on youtube in 3 months, to be the most watched Arabic song in all time! Comes next Boshret...
van persie, louis diamond, digital boom

Tearful 4-Year-Old Fan Meets Van Persie

Van Persie met his loyal 4-year-old fan, in response to a viral video showing how vividly distraught Louis Diamond was over the football player's transfer from Manchester...
Haifa Wehbe, digital boom

Haifa Wehbe Disable VEVO Dislikes and Comments Over Social Media Outrage

The Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe is one of the most notable singers in the Arab World, and is considered one of the most...

Hyundai Sends a Message to Space

When Stephanie started missing her dad she never thought this will happen! Stephy's dad has one of the weirdest jobs in life... " An Astronaut...
digital boom, social media

Facebook Video Obsession Spoils a Charitable Cause

Copying someone else’s content is unethical but did you ever imagine that downloading a Youtube video and sharing it on your Facebook page could...

Watch The Best Car Singing Video on Women’s Day

#WomensDay It is 2015's International Women's Day. Happy Women's Day girls. These three ladies "Sketch She's" have portrayed a lovely scene by shooting this amazing...

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