Facebook releases new feature ‘trending’

Facebook releases new feature 'trending'

Facebook has announced the release of their Facebook new feature Trending. We think that this new feature will be 2014’s first quarter big bang on Facebook because it gives brands and public figures to show how professional their teams are to appear on “Facebook Trending List”; Positively.

Trending on Facebook “is designed to surface interesting and relevant conversations in order to help you discover the best content from all across Facebook.” Facebook said

Where Trending Is Located On Facebook?

To the right of your News Feed, you’ll see a list of topics that have recently spiked in popularity. The list is personalized, including topics based on things you’re interested in and what is trending across Facebook overall. Each topic is accompanied by a headline that briefly explains why it is trending. You can click on any headline to see the most interesting posts from your friends or Pages that are talking about that particular topic.

How Trending Topics Appear On Facebook?

It’s not like Twitter trending topics, in Twitter, you will need to read many tweets to get to know the reason behind the trending topic. Facebook tackled that and instead of simply stating the topics that are trending, Facebook has included why a topic is trending. In their example above, Cristiano Ronaldo is trending because “Cristiano Ronaldo won FIFA Ballon d’Or after stealer year at Real Madrid”.

What Happens When You Click Into a Topic?

Stories from both Pages and people will be shown when clicking on a topic. This is good news for brands who are covering a hot trending topic, as they may receive more exposure through Trending.

As Facebook said “Trending is currently rolling out on the web in select countries and we are going to continue to test on mobile. As with other features, expect continuous improvements from us over time.”

Our advice: be prepared for a tough year on Facebook, because you will be able to measure your brand name than before.