Google imitates Apple’s FaceTime, Uber’s first self-driving, more

Google Duo, Apple FaceTime, Snapchat Vurb, Facebook live

Google introduced FaceTime look-alike app called “Duo” and grandfathering Hangout, Twitter app is coming to Apple TV, the news impacted Twitter stock shares positively by 6.4%, Facebook Live plans to rollout a new feature which allows two users to broadcast together but from different locations, and much more interesting updates.

1. Google introduces its FaceTime app ‘DUO’

Google has released a new video calling app, on both iOS and Android, the goal is clearly to give Android users an alternative to FaceTime and compete on the iOS.

2. Twitter app is coming to Apple TV

According to NY Times, Twitter is in talks with Apple to bring the Twitter app to Apple TV.

This means that Apple TV users will be able to live-stream NFL, Bloomberg shows, Presidential Conventions, and many other live events.

Shares of Twitter rose by 6.4% following the news.

3. Facebook will allow two-person to broadcast on Live

The social media giant will allow two users to live-stream at the same time, at same live stream from different locations. Reported TNW.

The new feature will be available to public figures using the Facebook Mentions app on iOS via a verified profile or Page only.

The new feature will require both accounts to be verified and use the Mentions app on iOS to go live.

4. Snapchat acquired mobile search app Vurb for +$110M

Vurb is a mobile app can give you suggestions and results tailored to what you love. to easily find, save, and do the best things by connecting community recommendations, rich content, and useful services.

The Information reported, Snapchat closed the deal by paying $110 million for Vurb (75% stock, 25% cash). Also, offered $75 million in retention bonuses to keep Vurb founder and CEO Bobby Lo as part of Snapchat team.

5. Video Ads is now available on Pinterest

Pinterest has launched its first video-ad format, as the next step in the process of building an ad business. Earlier this month, Pinterest rolled out a video player that lets users and brands upload and store videos to the social media platform.

Pinterest said that this move into video came as a result to the significant increase in the number of posts linked to videos saved by users, which has been increased by 60 percent in the past year.

6. Uber’s First Self-Driving

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick revealed that the company is going to add self-driving cars to the company active cars in Pittsburgh as soon as this month – in an interview with Bloomberg

The company will use around 100 modified Volvo XC90s outfitted with self-driving equipment.

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