The 10 Best Co-working Places in Amman, Jordan

It is always hard to ignore the disturbing things around your home or any other place while working or studying.

Doing your work under a tranquil environment that is free from all the unnecessary disturbances is important. Looking for such a place in Jordan may be hard and that is why this article has been prepared.

The list below shows the 10 best Co-working places in Amman, Jordan. Each co-working place included is confirmed to be offering a very nice working or studying environment that is shared by varying people who are in need of such a quiet but lively atmosphere.

Note: List is in a random ranking.

1. Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC)

Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) is an amazing place that offers more than you can imagine. It features very advanced technological equipment that can help you greatly in executing your duties and also expanding and expressing your ideas. Robots, simulators, Mac Pros, PlayStations and Z space are among the many things that are available for you.

Location: King Hussein Business Park
Operating hours: 10AM – 9PM
Access: Free

2. The Tank (Umniah)

The tank is another co-working place that was founded by Umniah, a telecom company. It provides support and mentorship to entrepreneurs as a way of helping them develop their companies. The Tank offers Wi-Fi and is smoke free.

Location: King Hussein Business Park
Operating hours: 10AM-9PM
Access: Free

3. Oasis500 Co-working Space

This is an advanced workspace that was founded as a result of collaboration between V Business Center and Oasis500. Oasis500 Co-working Space offers various meeting or training rooms that have a very strong internet connection. An open kitchen is also available alongside another coffee joint with sandwiches and snacks.

Location: King Hussein Business Park
Operating hours: 7AM-9PM
Access: Free

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4. Shoman Foundation Library

Shoman Foundation Library is a very nice co-working place that meets all your working needs with simplicity. It has a high-speed internet connection and so many books that are available to cater for all your research needs.

Location: Jabal Amman
Operating hours: 9AM-9PM
Access: Free

5. Mind Hub

This is another amazing work space that offers a very nice working atmosphere. Mind Hub is a smoking free café and also has very unique menus.

Location: Abdulla Bin Rawahah Street, Al Rabieh
Operating hours: 7:30AM-11PM
Access: Order at least a drink

6. Forsa Space

Forsa space is purposely designed to cater for all your working needs. It is a good Co-working space that can also be used as a study space. It is a place for you.

Location: Mecca Street, next to Aramex
Operating hours: 9AM-7PM
Access: Free

7. Chemisty

Chemisty is a unique working space that is designed to give you professional services under a very comfortable environment. It operates as a hotel business lounge.

Location: 6th circle, Djibouti Street
Operating hours: 9AM-11PM
Access: Order at least a drink

8. Seven Pennies

Seven pennies provides a nice co-working area that is open to all workers and students. In every JOD, they donate 7 piasters in revenue as a way of helping the society. It is a very good and dedicated work space for you.

Location: Abdullah Al Hmood Street, near 7th circle
Operating hours: 7AM-12AM
Access: Order at least a drink

9. Miami Business Center

It is a very nice work space that is open to companies, businessmen and students. The Miami Business Center has many rooms with varying resources that are important in enhancing your way of working or studying.

Location: Al Madiana Al Munawar Street
Operating hours: 10AM-11:59PM, 3PM-11:59PM (on Fridays)
Access: Order at least a drink

10. Study Zone

Just as its name suggests, Study Zone is an amazing space that comprises of 2 floors meant to offer a learning atmosphere to the students. The space is accessed through payment subscriptions that are daily, weekly or monthly based. After settling the payments, the students are allowed to utilize all the resources available in the Study Zone.

Location: Um al Summaq
Operating hours: 10AM-11:59PM, 9AM-11:59PM (on weekends)
Access: Daily subscription fees

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