71% of parents in Saudi Arabia are on Snapchat

Snapchat is not only the platform of choice of Millennial and Gen Z audiences in Saudi Arabia but also incredibly popular amongst parents, according to a recent study by Snap Inc. conducted with Kantar. Snapchat already has a monthly addressable reach of 19.5 million in the Kingdom and is the platform of choice for many Saudi’s.

The study has found that 71% of parents in Saudi Arabia now use Snapchat and that advertising on the platform plays an influential role in their purchasing decisions. The findings suggest that Snapchat encourages responsible conversations among family members on their purchase decisions. Among these parents, almost 9 in 10 feel positive about the advertising they see on Snapchat across product categories, and over 80% state that this advertising influences their purchase decisions. Accordingly, more than 9 in 10 take action after seeing an ad that interests them. This is inclusive of clicking on an ad directly, reading product reviews online, or asking friends and family members.

Snapchat parents are also quite democratic in including other family members when making purchasing decisions. A majority of Snapchat parents claim that their children influence their purchase decisions in some way, and most parents with teenage or adult children rely on their kids to make purchases on behalf of the household. The study found that parents with teenage children allow the teens to shop for the household regularly for technology products (61%), mobile apps and streaming services (73%), and household goods (47%).

The study reinforces the results of the Consumer AR Saudi Arabia Report 2021, which amongst other insights, revealed very high engagement on Snapchat for the age bracket of 35 and up in Saudi Arabia–often more than in other global markets.

Abdulla Alhammadi, Regional Business Lead at Snap Inc., said: “Regardless of age, studies like this continue to reinforce the social nature of the Snapchat platform. Rather than a fragmented advertising model that caters to different age groups through different mediums, Snapchat delivers great value by reaching parents, alongside their teenage and adult children, on a single platform.”

The study shows that Snapchat provides advertisers with a compelling platform to communicate with millions of Saudi Arabian parents, helping brands to drive sales and increase awareness of their business. The combination of the platform’s innovative solutions and tools, along with a highly engaged audience, delivers an advertising experience that is truly unique to Snapchat.

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