Anghami grows its Audio Ad business in the region three-fold in one year

Dubai – Anghami, the leading music streaming company in the MENA region, revealed today that it has recorded an amazing three-fold growth in Audio Ad revenue last year as part of its music marketing services with the support of their advertising partners DMS, the digital arm of Choueiri Group.

Anghami is the first platform to bring music marketing into the region through audio ads and sponsored playlists.

Anghami has the largest licensed music content offering ever in MENA including Arabic and international music.

The solution is not only disrupting the regional music industry but also giving top brands the opportunity to exclusively customise a user’s experience driven by innovation and creativity through data and technology.

The rise of streaming has extended artists’ reach, expanded users’ content accessibility and improved brands’ targeting. Through Anghami, marketers are tapping into “deep music intelligence” to communicate the right audio ad to their target audience using technology, data and emotions.

Partners with over 200 global and regional companies as well as governmental entities

This represents one of the mega trends within music marketing in the region. Since inception, Anghami has partnered with more than 20 mobile operators from 10 countries and works with over 200 brands and technology providers to provide international and local music to over 40 million users. Brands have realised the value of audio ads and using them to create a big impact amongst their target customers.

Elie Abou Saleh, Commercial Director at Anghami said: “Music has always been a major focus for brands to communicate to potential consumers. Nowadays, the change is through the medium and the message. We are helping brands craft their sonic identity through different personalised solutions by creating tailored music that fits different moments of the day. This allows them to offer users a musical journey that complements their activity and matches their product or service.”

While social media presence is important for growing awareness and engagement with brands, the digital marketing trends in MENA are expanding. MENA consumers are relying more on brands’ digital messages to guide them through a purchase journey. 91% of online consumers in the UAE and 88% in KSA have acted after seeing an online ad, video, audio, or website content from a brand that is relevant to them.

In a region where the majority of the online population consumes content across devices, brands are looking for ways to put their content into context to reach their relevant consumers. With the rise of streaming services and voice-controlled devices, digital audio advertising on a music streaming platform have become very attractive and represent 67.5% affinity compared to advertising on podcasts or radio. 79% of audio consumption takes place while people are engaged in activities where visual media cannot reach them.

Abou Saleh adds: “We expect to continue to see a rise in music marketing. Audio ads in particular offer a captive experience that provide brands 59% higher brand recall as well as 2X more on purchase intent versus display. In addition, targeting with Anghami’s audio ads not only utilises data metrics but also emotions.”

Today, music is more accessible than ever before with the increasing popularity of streaming. This means music listening is at an all-time high and people rely on their favorite songs to accompany their various experiences. Anghami leverages the connection between music and activities by providing people with playlists made up of the best songs for activities like running, driving, exercising etc and offers brands the opportunity to sponsor those targeted playlists.

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