Another winter ‘polar’ storm hits Jordan, Syria and Turkey

Another polar storm will hit Syria and Jordan on Sunday throughout the week until Saturday, resulting in shallow temperatures, heavy rain, snowfall later in the week.

The storm has emerged by a new air depression centered in southern Turkey, storming Jordan and Syria’s northern and central parts with frost temperatures, heavy clouds, rain, and snow.

The polar storm will start on Sunday throughout the week until Saturday. Temperatures have already dropped, reaching -1 in daylight and -3 at night across Jordan and Syria.

Snowfall in Turkey and Syria

Snowfall has already covered many areas of Turkey, predicted to hit Jordan and Syria on Wednesday and Thursday.

Last week, a winter storm blanketed Syrian tented camps in snow, leaving many without shelter.

CARE rescues displaced Syrians as winter storms hit
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Back to Jordan

Overnight tonight, the rain probably will fall on some of the southwestern regions of Jordan; in later hours of the night, there is a slight chance of light showers of snow mixed with rain falling over the top of mountains. Reported Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD)

The JMD warned of the danger of frost formation and the possibility of black ice affecting the roads in the early morning hours, especially in the mountainous heights and parts of the Badia regions.

It also warned of the risk of torrential rains forming in the valleys and low-lying areas like Sweimah-the dead sea area, and the risk of slippery roads in places witnessing precipitation which will probably continue until Monday morning. In addition to the danger of low horizontal visibility.

Also, the Arabia weather claimed that the temperature would stabilize in the daytime hours on Monday. Another air depression will start to affect Jordan Wednesday and will continue until the end of the weekend, expecting an increase in the chances of rain and snowfall.

More updates will follow.

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