How Brands in the Middle East are Leveraging Conversation on Twitter

Getting your hashtag trending or joining a hashtag have always been one of the top goals for brands on Twitter. One of the best way of doing this is get users to actually talk and converse about your hashtag.

Twitter created specific format to help brands position their hashtags in better conversational way, after all Twitter is Live & ‘Conversational’.

In Jan 2016, Twitter introduced their Conversational Cards Ads – these Twitter specific formats are meant to give brands the ability to use their hashtags  as clickable “Call for Actions” as well as driving more earned media using videos.

These formats, exclusive to Twitter, make it even easier for consumers to engage with and then spread a brand’s campaign message. It’s a powerful way for advertisers to extend their presence across Twitter.

How It Works

Brands tweet a video with Call to action buttons attached to it.

Followers interact with the CTA button – which will open a new pre-populated tweet that is ready to be tweeted right away.

Once tweeted, the conversational card will still be attached to the tweet made by the users

How Brands in Middle East Use Conversational Cards

In Saudi Arabia, Toyota ALJ was one of the first brands to use this feature in MENA

The idea was to get users to tweet about a very important game in Saudi Arabia

Football and Twitter are both huge in Saudi Arabia, ALJ knew this, and used the conversational card to generate traffic on their hashtag

They received 56k mentions on their hashtag in one day.

Again, in Saudi Arabia, Mobily used it to vote for which part of their song Maradona’s replica appeared

InDubai, Brndstr used it with #Euro2016 – they combined it with their very own auto-responder product

Their auto responder replied to each one tweeted the call-to-action button, in some games, their brand replied to +25k tweets in less than 6 hours!

In Bahrain, ZainBahrain also used it for their #Addicted2SocialMedia to generate more awareness about their offer and get more interaction on the hashtag

In Qatar, @QFA used it with their campaign Prince’s Cup – on all of the cup matches, and here’s an example

Well done to these brands for being on top of things and being early adopters of new formats.

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