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Careem Egypt Brings Vertical Video Ads To The Middle East

Careem Egypt produced the first-ever vertical video ad in the Middle East, introducing its new car types Go and Go+.

The leading car booking app emulated the content by displaying it as part of the consumers’ daily viewing experience on mobile phones.

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Watch it from mobile?

Careem’s first vertical video ad making

Ahmed Youssef of Peace Cake Productions said, “We decided to leave the normal approaches we usually take for creative brainstorming. We decided to reverse engineer. What could we do for users in terms of something they would want to see? What would add to their mobile viewing experience? Something that would feel very familiar yet, unique enough to them to stand out”.

He added, “We know that 90 percent of content is viewed on smartphones. Users interact with content through mobile phones way more than any other device.”.

“We decided to create content that is tailor-made for this. A vertical video, letting Careem take control of the whole screen and take customers through a visual experience that is one of a kind.” Youssef explained.

Why are Vertical Videos important?

1. Users are on a mobile

According to a recent Facebook report, the percentage of Facebook users who log in from a mobile device is 56.5% – Last updated 27/7/2016.

2. Seamless experience

A vertical video gives a seamless solution to advertisers; as it allows brands to take complete control of the whole screen, which means; more user-friendly, has a bigger view, precise details, no more waste in above/below black spaces, and no more double click to zoom in and of course, you won’t see the whole scene but the middle part, by the way on Facebook you cannot zoom in videos.


The music industry is going vertical too. Watch this awesome vertical music video “Own It” by Bailey Bryan.

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