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Exclusive: Chelsea hires ‘Kijamii’, a Cairo-based digital agency to manage business in the Middle East

Chelsea has hired Kijamii, a Cairo-based digital media agency following the explosive growth rate of Egyptians invading the club’s Facebook page after Mo Salah’s move to the blues.

Few weeks ago, we advised Chelsea and other big four to start looking for digital media agencies from Egypt to communicate, engage, and promote the club in Arabic.

Mo Salah appeared in a video on Chelsea Facebook page announcing that the club will start soon communicate in Arabic on Facebook.

Chelsea +1 million fans from Egypt

As we’ve mentioned in the previous study last month, Egypt has the most active Facebook users on Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal Pages and here you go the ranking one month ago as following:

big four in Egypt

Verbatim from Egyptians’ reactions on Mohamed Salah’s video message

Chelsea Hired Egyptian Agency by Salah

 Actually, we would like to thank Chelsea for the great step, this’s considered as one of the most quick professional actions, tells us how professional Chelsea’s online team is, and how wise their predictions to the future. Hiring Egyptian agency isn’t easy because the market in Egypt isn’t still mature to manage such big accounts, i believe that Chelsea went through a sophisticated market analysis to reach a professional agency here in Egypt. Now Chelsea has a huge opportunity to invade the Egyptian market and become the most loved big four team for Egyptians and oust Man UTD. 

Why other big four teams have to follow Chelsea’s steps?

  • Egypt is a key market to access the Middle East and the Arab world.
  • Egypt has 18 million registered Facebook users, and around 12 million active users.
  • Egyptians are into the European tournaments, especially the English premier league.
  • Average 25% of the big four pages’ monthly growth is coming from Egypt.

We encourage Arsenal, Man UTD and Liverpool to take the same step and start engaging in Arabic. 

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