Digital Managing Editor Mohamed Omar to Leave’s key project/product manager, digital managing editor Mohamed Omar is stepping down from his position after 3 successful years of expanding the user base of and transforming it from a dry news website the number one interactive online entertainment portal in the Arab world.

Omar’s skills allowed him to guide into its position as a leader in the online entertainment industry. Mohamed Omar joined Sarmady in April 2013. He has been in his current position since April 2014.

Omar deeply expressed his gratitude for managing’s team of 12 talented and bright web editors and researchers and data editors. He felt that he had completed his mission, and he is ready to pursue his career elsewhere where his expertise is needed. His extraordinary vision, unique editorial skills, combined with a 7-year experience in digital media, will allow Omar to be part of a major media organization where media power opens doors for him to serve society better in terms of information sharing.

As a digital managing editor, Omar was previously responsible for leading and’s editorial planning process (short and long-term), ensuring that copy is on-brand, authentic, and consistent in terms of style, quality, and tone. He also managed the editorial calendar, evaluated the website traffic through scientifically implementing SEO methods, and worked on strategies to amplify the web through social media networks, marketing, and content updates, which ultimately resulted in:

  • Successfully expanding user base and page views by 50% (YOY).
    • Transforming from a dry news website to the number one online entertainment platform in the Arab world.
    • Laying out the strategic entertainment products roadmap, including Cinema Guide, Events Guide, and TV Guide.
    • Strengthening new partnerships with mega players like Google, Twitter, and Facebook through thriving content partnerships.
    • Establishing a growing network (15+ so far) of highly effective contributors. is the leading Arabic-language entertainment news portal in the Arab region. Launched in 2004, offers in-depth movie and television updates, analysis, news, and extensive coverage of more than 100 events a year ranging from concerts, cultural events to movie premieres and cinema or music festivals. is owned and managed by Sarmady (A Vodafone company), the biggest content provider in Egypt, owns and manages some of the top content brands in the Arab region include, is an Arabic-language country-wide social directory and city guide that digs deep every day to offer the user information about upcoming events, cinema information, where to hang out.

Since 2001, Sarmady has been creating unique, regionally relevant, and trusted content in Egypt that availed to users to enjoy via the web, mobile-internet, mobile apps, social media, SMS, and voice in Arabic and English. Vodafone Egypt fully acquired Sarmady in 2011.

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