Egypt's Photographers Capture Supermoon in Realtime

If you were online midnight Sept. 28, you certainly noticed the Supermoon mania which erupted on social media, with over 300K tweets in Arabic, and 21K posts on Instagram capturing the phenomenal lunar eclipse of the blood moon.
Here are some of the Supermoon trending photos coming from Egypt (random order):

– Supermoon by the Nile River. Photo by Hatem Askar

– Full Supermoon Evolution. Photo by Jasmine Aladdin
More coverage on Jasmine’s tumblr

– Supermoon in Motion. Photo by glyhebe

– Super Blood Moon Close-Up. Photo by Architect Ahmed As.

– Panoramic View. Photo by Bassam Allam

– Another Supermoon Evolution. Photo by Scott Nelson

– Red Sea View. Photo by Manu Schwingel
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