Egyptian MOI Developing A Social Media Tool

The Egyptian MOI has announced that they will be monitoring the internet in Egypt, and especially the social networks like Facebook, twitter, and youtube in order to avoid, limit terror and violence arrangements over the internet, so that they’re developing a social media tool a long side with an agency from the UK.

social media tool to monitor the stream in Egypt

People started to wonder, how they will do that? Do they really mean it? Many question came across and finally we got the below attached request. The request is directed to an agency in the UK, worked before with the UK government to monitor YouTube and Twitter for authorities in the UK after the violence took place months ago. Now the Egyptian ministry of interior has decided to use their efforts to develop a similar tool, to be able to implement a solid monitoring over the internet usage in the country.

Our question is, will they be able to meet such requirements? Read the requirement below and let us know your opinion.

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