Egyptian Startup Mumm Launches ‘Mumm Prime’ Egypt’s First Premium Chef

Egypt’s homemade food service Mumm has launched “Mumm Prime”, Egypt’s premium online chef subscription service on Sunday. For an affordable monthly subscription fee; the service offers customers clean, freshly cooked homemade food for the same price of its raw supermarket ingredients.

Saving time and effort on daily chores and money on monthly household budget; Mumm Prime also gives its customers the convenience of ordering for next day or pre­scheduling their meals for up to a week in advance.

The Mumm Prime service launch marks the latest success in Mumm Prime’s significantly fast expansion in the Egyptian market since its initial launch to a limited segment of the market as a closed beta on the 2nd of April.

Soft launching in Tagamoa and Downtown areas on the 5th of May by Mumm, local homemade food startup, Mumm Prime garnered highly positive feedback; facilitating its market growth and setting ground for its delivery coverage expansion to all of Mumm’s active delivery locations last Thursday.

Parallel to its launch, Mumm attracted many partnerships with giant household names in the industry; including Etisalat, Kiri, and Nestle.

Fadi Antaki, CEO of A15 and one of Mumm’s primary investors, expressed faith in Mumm Prime’s promising potential in the market. “This expansion is just the beginning. Mumm Prime is not only the first Chef subscription service in Egypt and the Middle East, it’s also an intuitive solution to a growing demand in the lives of modern­day Egyptian working mothers that wouldn’t have been possible without the technology and economies of scale that the team has built the past years.”

According to the May 2019 issue of World Bank’s Women Economic Empowerment Study; 91 percent of surveyed women reported spending an inordinate amount of time on unpaid household activities, and 27 percent reported that they perform unpaid care for family members, the value of which the survey estimated at EGP 496 billion. Moreover, survey findings also show that domestic unpaid work for married women does not decrease when they join the labour market, resulting in women spending almost equal hours on unpaid domestic work a week as they do in their full­time jobs.

Giving people access to freshly­cooked, clean homemade food for the highly affordable price of its raw supermarket ingredients, Mumm Prime presents working mothers with an opportunity to alleviate their household responsibilities on the consumer end and to increase their incomes on the home­cook end. Expressing optimism for the future of Mumm Prime, Sharif El­Badawi, Partner at 500 Startups and a primary investor in Mumm, remarked: “Mumm’s readiness and success in the Mumm Prime launch goes to show the operational efficiency of the product, and the startup’s quick response to emerging demand. I have absolute confidence in its imminent prosperity and long­term scalability, and I’m looking forward to seeing Mumm Prime in every Egyptian home.”

Expanding on the concept of a homemade food subscription service; Waleed Abdelrahman, CEO and founder of Mumm, explains: “For the low subscription fee of EGP 300, working mothers everywhere can get the grueling chores of grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking, dishwashing and cleaning off their hands; saving them time, effort and money.” He adds: “Mumm Prime is more than a food subscription service, it’s the concept of a new lifestyle where working women don’t have to do twice the work on a normal week day, but rather focus on what really matters to them.”

Protected by local and international hygiene certifications, Mumm Prime kitchens are inspected against 99 international quality standards by a HACCP­certified hygiene doctor on a regular and surprise basis, the approved chefs are certified by the Ministry of Health and all Mumm Prime meals go through a tasting panel before making it to the final menu. Ensuring a transparent feedback process, the menu items are also publicly rated by the consumers on the website.

Commenting on Mumm Prime’s health features, which include displaying the nutritional components and calorie count of each meal, Waleed Abdelrahman added: “We have a lot of features in the pipeline for the upcoming months that will continuously improve this premium package as a staple in the daily lives of thousands of people throughout Egypt.”

Since its launch in 2015, Mumm has been connecting hungry professionals with over 200 active kitchens around Cairo; providing them with a large variety of single, family­sized and frozen homemade meals for an affordable price tag.

Adapting Egyptian, Arab and international cuisine into its recipes, Mumm meals attracted a lot of regular customers from different walks of life; including busy corporate employees, single parents, independent millennials and thriving baby boomers at the peak of their careers. Mumm continues to attract different segments of the Egyptian society with its affordable, adaptive offerings and easy­to­use online platform.

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