Facebook introduces new distribution metric

Yesterday, Facebook released a new metric called “distribution score” to measure the performance of Facebook pages.

The company defined the new distribution score as:

The distribution score shows you how each video is performing on metrics that are important for distribution on Facebook. The higher the score, the more your video is organically appearing within feeds across the platform. Hover over each score to see a detailed breakdown in a hovercard.
The score is relative to your Page’s typical performance, which is computed as the average of your last 100 published videos. Comparisons are made to specific points in time. For example, if the video you’re checking has been published for 2 days and 4 hours, we will compare its performance to the average of your 100 previous videos at the 2-day, 4-hour mark.
*Note that average and lower/higher definitions, as well as the details of the score, are subject to change.

Key metrics

Paying attention to the metrics driving the distribution score will help your videos get more organic distribution on Facebook. The button in the bottom-left of each hovercard highlights the metric that is the most important for that particular video. Clicking on it helps you learn more. Here are the full set of elements that make up the score:
  • Audience retention/average minutes watched The average amount of time that viewers spent watching your video before they scrolled past or clicked away.
  • 1-minute views The number of times that your video was watched for 1 minute or longer.
  • Reactions The number of reactions (Likes, Loves, etc.) on your video post.
  • Comments The number of comments that viewers posted on your video over a certain period of time.
  • Shares The number of times that viewers shared your video over a certain period of time.

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