Facebook looks back at 2016 with top UAE moments

Dubai, UAE, December 2016: Facebook has released its top moments of 2016 in its Year in Review list, which highlights the most talked about stories, events, and trends by people on Facebook from around the world and in the UAE.

Facebook users will also see a personalized video of meaningful moments from their own year at the top of the News Feed, that they can edit and share with family and friends. This can be easily accessed by visiting

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Jonathan Labin, Managing Director of Facebook for Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan commented: “Every day, people turn to Facebook to share the moments that matter most to them and react to the important issues and events happening around the world. As the year comes to a close, we have seen people in the UAE connect in big and small ways on Facebook and create memorable moments together.”

With over 136 million people in the MENA region using Facebook every month, including over 90% of people in the UAE, here are the top moments on Facebook in the UAE and globally:

Top UAE moments discussed on Facebook:

  1. US Elections
  2. Eid Al-Adha
  3. Ramadan
  4. Rainstorms in Dubai and Fujairah
  5. Aleppo

For the first time, Facebook is also sharing a list of the top Live videos in the UAE:

1. Emergency aircraft landing at Dubai Airport


2. Unavailability of exit clearances for overseas Filipino Workers

3. Who will become the next Prime Minister of India

4. Egyptian presenter has his hair shaved on air

5. Vote for the best player in the Arab World

Facebook is a destination where people can come together to make plans, share stories, play games and let their loved ones know they’re thinking about them, and much more.

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