Centrepoint, Home Centre and Max shut down in Alexandria

Orient International Trading Ltd is consolidating its business operations in Egypt, and will close its Centrepoint, Home Centre and Max outlets in Alexandria by January 2017, due to the complex business climate in the country.

Orient International Trading Ltd said in an official statement “All employees affected by the store closures will be given an opportunity to relocate to our outlets in Cairo, or across the Middle East. Those employees who do not wish to relocate will receive full end-of-service benefits, as per the Egyptian labour laws.”

They added “With close to 8 years of operations in the country, the Group has a strong understanding of the market and remains committed to the development of the retail sector in the country. We value our partnership with our industry partners and our customers, and our aim is to consolidate, strengthen and build upon our offering in the future.

We will continue to bring our customers great fashion and home décor choices at affordable prices, across our network of stores in Cairo.”

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