Mazady Auctions iPhone 7 for EGP 1,500 in Egypt

Are you sick and tired of skyrocketing iPhone 7 prices? Want to buy the phone of the year without having to pay the EGP 13,000 hyped market price?

Egypt’s first mobile-based auction service, Mazady, said Monday it will auction the iPhone 7 for 90 percent off its market value at only EGP 1,500.

The iPhone 7 is equipped with brand new attractive features, including water resistance, longer battery life and low-light advanced camera, which all come at a hefty expense.

Mazady – a TA Telecom product – allows users to bid through SMS during weekly auctions to purchase a wide range of products, including smartphones, tablets, television screens, kitchen appliances and more.

How to join the auction?

To join Tuesday’s iPhone 7 auction which started at 10 am, mobile users need to first subscribe to Mazady’s service by sending 166 in the message body to 1666 or through this online mobile box, explained Mohamed Ezz El-Din, Mazady product manager at TA Telecom. He added that once subscribed, users can start texting their bids to 9204 offering a maximum of EGP 15 per SMS bid. Bidders can get the latest auction updates by texting “status” to the same number.

“A user can win an auction with just 10 bids,” said Ezz El-Din, adding that the average cost for winning an auction is around EGP 15. The cost of subscribing to Mazady is EGP 0.30 per auction day and the cost per SMS bid is EGP 1.50, he explained.

In addition to sending live updates, the service also provides users with engaging content and tips on how to win an auction.

Maximizing the m-commerce opportunity for operators, retailers and consumers, Mazady succeeded in running more than 50 auctions.

Want to get the iPhone 7 for 90 percent off the market price? register to join the iPhone 7 auction on Mazady now!

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