Mumm, A15: Disruptive forces in tech to empower Egyptian women

The leading technology investor, announced today a partnership with mumm, a pioneering digital platform that connects Egyptian customers interested in wholesome homemade food with home-based entrepreneurial cooks.

The partnership comes in two forms. First, a merger between mumm and DishDino, A15’s initial investment in the homemade food market. Second, a seed investment in mumm by A15.

This partnership will strategically synergize both homemade food tech startups to leverage their talent and capabilities by conducting collaborative and unified programs that empower home-based entrepreneurial cooks and serve better wholesome meals to consumers.

“When the conversation started at RiseUp Summit, joining forces with A15 made perfect sense. It meant an increase in key resources that will expand the reach and deepen the impact of mumm’s mission,” said Mumm’s CEO, Waleed Abd El Rahman. “Our mission is to make delicious healthy homemade food available for everyone while creating more job opportunities for stay-at-home cooks. We believe that through this merge, mumm will be more able to leave its mark on the food and beverage space starting with Egypt, then the world. We are excited about the future of this merger as it builds a stronger team equipped with the right resources that will result in a better value proposition for the customer in the form of product enhancement, and for the home-based entrepreneurial cooks in Egypt through a more operationally powerful and technologically streamlined service that will enable them to reach more customers. We make it easier for Cooks to operate and for Consumers to order the food they crave in 90 minutes or less”

Initially, there will be no operational changes, but gradually the DishDino brand name will be phased out, to be under the main and sole product line; mumm. “We are very excited about the strategic potential of this merger,” said A15 CEO Fadi Antaki. “This partnership decision was made, well, because it makes sense, and because together these 2 start-ups can shape the homemade cooked food market and in such a small ecosystem, share resources and deliver greater and more meaningful impact. We are looking forward to collaborating and sharing our expertise in the food and beverage market with Waleed and his team and to ensure together that our product offering provides the best homemade food online: Ordering quality, variety and health safety in the Egyptian market.”

Mumm will explore areas of strategic integration and cooperation with the rest of A15’s portfolio companies, in the context of, innovating and developing a new-industry leading offering driven by customer feedback. “We are excited about the future as we implement this on-demand food concept and excited to be bringing a sustainable food based business model to Egypt’s shared economy. “Said mumm CEO Waleed Abd El Rahman.

It is worth mentioning that A15 is an entrepreneurial company that creates digital products and technology brands. It aspires to empower the human race to overcome its limits and expand its capabilities.

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