Spotify announces advertising partners for launch in the Middle East, North Africa

  • Top brands ​​Hardee’s, Lipton, Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, Mountain View, Samsung Gulf Electronics, The Coca-Cola Company, and Western Union ​​partner with the ad-supported free Spotify service for launch in MENA
  • The music streaming platform connects advertisers with highly engaged, passionate users who trust Spotify to soundtrack their lives.
  • Connect Ads is Spotify’s local advertising sales partner

Today, Spotify, the ​largest global music streaming subscription service​, officially launches in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), offering brands a new platform to connect with local consumers in an exciting, targeted, and impactful manner.

With over 191 million active users globally, Spotify gives brands a unique opportunity to connect with highly engaged, passionate music fans while doing what they love most: listening to music.

The music streaming service allows music fans to discover and enjoy over 40 million local and international tracks, billions of human-curated playlists for every mood and moment, and personalized music tailored to their own music tastes. Starting today, users in MENA can visit ​ to download the Spotify app and use the free, ad-supported service, or can upgrade to Spotify Premium for extra service options such as offline and ad-free listening.

Spotify’s inaugural advertising partners for launch are ​Hardee’s, Lipton, Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East, Mountain View, Samsung Gulf Electronics, The Coca-Cola Company, and Western Union ​​all of which have taken the opportunity to be the first brands to reach Spotify’s engaged audience of music fans in MENA. Spotify is working with ​Connect Ads​​ as its MENA advertising sales partner.

Advertising On Spotify

Spotify believes music is a mirror, reflecting how people are really feeling and what they’re doing at any given moment. Since music is inherently personal and emotional, these insights fuel the platform’s rich and textured dataset, going beyond demographics and device IDs to reflect moods, moments, and mindsets. This data set is called Streaming Intelligence, and the more its audience streams, the more Spotify understands them.

The global advertising platform uses its Streaming Intelligence to build relationships between its highly engaged audience and brands. This powers Spotify’s ability to ensure brand messages show up in the right moment and the right context, ultimately and drive impact. Here’s how:

  • Delivering an Engaged Audience: Spotify’s global scale allows brands to reach their audience in real-time moments throughout the day.
  • Providing Unique Insights: ​​Our dataset offers an unfiltered, contextual understanding of a brand’s audience, giving marketers deeper insights into our users’ behaviors and tastes.
  • Employing Impactful Ad Formats: ​​We bring brands to life on Spotify with captivating audio, video, and ad formats.
  • Showcasing Measurable Success: ​​Our suite of measurement products help brands to quantify the impact of their messaging on the Spotify ad platform.

“Our commitment to discovery and personalization has helped us to establish relationships with millions of people around the world and, in turn, create connections between brands and our users,” said Brian Benedik, VP, Global Head of Advertising Sales at Spotify. “​We’re excited to open the door for brands and advertisers in MENA to tap into our streaming intelligence and innovative ad formats to connect with music fans.”

Mohamed El Mehairy, CEO of Connect Ads, said: “We are super excited to have Connect Ads chosen to be the exclusive reseller for the Spotify advertising platform in MENA. Spotify’s unique blend of content and technology offers the MENA audience a multi-sensory experience like no other, which is also an excellent opportunity for brands to engage, connect and ultimately convert with this highly engaged audience. Our dedicated local teams have been working closely with Spotify, and we are ready to extend the latest ad products and best practices to the Middle East and North African markets. Great things are coming MENA’s way …”

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