Vodafone Unveils New Brand Identity As It Moves On From ‘Power To You’

Vodafone revolutionized its brand positioning strapline, strategy, and visual identity globally. These were the first changes to a renowned brand since the “Power to you” strapline  introduction in 2009.

The strategy is meant to be implemented in all the 36 countries that Vodafone brand exists, with Egypt included. It is designed to instill Vodafone’s belief that digital services and new technologies will help transform society by improving the quality of life of people in the years to come.

Vodafone new brand identity global campaign

On 6th October 2017, Vodafone kick-started their largest campaign in its 33-year history with 60-second advert, The Lead TV Commercial, that was focused on showing how human interactions have remained the same while technologies has continued to evolve. The advert was produced by Riddley Scott Associates.

These advertising campaigns and strategy were developed after extensive research and pilot testing, including qualitative and quantitative inputs conducted in 17 countries on nearly 30,000 people.

Vodafone new brand Identity advert in Egypt

Their new strapline “The future is exciting. Ready?” shows that they are optimistic about the future. In Egypt, the strapline was presented in Arabic language as “اللي جاي أقوي، جاهر؟“.

Visual Identity

This new visual identity puts more emphasis on “speech mark,” Vodafone’s logo, in one of the biggest changes to symbols of Vodafone since the logo was created in 1998. The “speech mark” logo will now take center stage in marketing activities. It will appear in 2D design instead of the skeuomorphic 3D outcrop.

Vodafone logo evolution (1998 – 2017)

vodafone logo evolution
Source: Vodafone Group on Youtube

Assessing Grounds for Optimism

After commissioning opinion from almost 13,000 people in 14 countries about their prospects, Vodafone, through YouGov found that:

  • Everyone agreed that technological innovation would have great impact on the future in the next twenty years
  • People of all ages believed that their living standards and those of their kids would improve greatly in the next twenty years
  • People between 18-24 years are the most positive about the future. 62 percent of the younger generation were optimistic that their living standards would be better in twenty years’ time as compared with today

Also, Vodafone, through Futerra consultancy, carried out research on the top ten emerging trends that could transform working life. Technology trends identified from five countries  included:

  • 3D bio-printing of limbs and organs
  • A five-fold increase in power generation capacity globally as more people are using clean energy such as solar panels
  • Innovating public train transportation systems connecting cities with speeds of up to 966kph (600mph)
  • 3D housing construction designs and 4D printed components
  • Large-scale water capture projects that will ensure enough supply to water-constrained areas
  • New proteins sources to displace meat

See the full paper

Serpil Timuray, Vodafone Group Chief Strategy and Commercial Operations Officer, said that “they believe the future is bright as emerging innovations in technology and science are positively impacting on society.”

She continued saying that “Vodafone has been in the frontline bringing new technologies to hundreds of millions of people globally, thereby transforming their lives”. She claimed that the new brand positioning is envisioned to exemplify Vodafone purpose and mission to help communities and customers prosper by embracing new trends that are reshaping the world.

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