Here's What Egyptians Searched for on Google in 2015

Google has released the annual trends charts that show which terms were searched for most in 2015 “A Year in Search”.

So what Egyptians searched for most on google in 2015? Here’s google’s trends lists by category in Egypt.

Most Searched Event (Egypt)

Despite that Egypt had many important events during 2015, however, New Suez Canal opening ceremony ousted all topics on the most searched terms on google. The reason behind this could be because of its importance to Egypt’s economy as well as the local and global media coverage.

The Most Searched Events, full list (Egypt)

  1. New Suez Canal opening
  2. The assassination of Attorney General
  3. Faten Hamama’s Funeral
  4. Nour El Sherif’s Funeral
  5. Mecca accident
  6. The slaughter of Egyptians in Libya
  7. Burn of the Jordanian pilot
  8. Ayten Amer’s wedding
  9. Solar eclipse
  10. Mother’s Day

The Most Searched People, full list (Egypt)

  1. Faten Hamama
  2. Omar Sherif
  3. Nour El-Sherif
  4. Merna El-Mohandes
  5. Yasmin El-Nersh
  6. Paris Hilton
  7. Shaimaa Al-Sabagh
  8. Bardes
  9. Saeed Tarabeek
  10. Shady Sorour

See more lists and charts from google year in search 2015.

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