WUZZUF debuts its newly revolutionized platform among top employers at ‘Unlock’ 18’

WUZZUF, Egypt’s number one online recruitment platform is revealing its newly revamped platform during “Unlock’18”, an exclusive event that gathers top employers, government officials, media and influencers in the recruitment industry and job market in Egypt.

The first of its kind in Egypt, Unlock’18 will reveal interesting market intelligence and insights about the job market, including major online recruitment trends and habits by employers and job seekers, market demand and supply, as well as top sought-after sectors and market shortages and gaps. The event will also discuss top challenges expressed by employers and job seekers and will include entertaining activities allowing attendees to engage and interact with the new product on a first-hand basis.

Signaling the future of online recruitment in Egypt and the Middle East, Unlock’18 will announce the features of the new platform. The re-launch will showcase the core upgrades made to the website that was re-designed based on users’ feedback and their evolving needs.

“WUZZUF’s new platform is the product of years of marketing research into the online recruitment habits and trends of Egyptian users. It has been designed based on a deep understanding of the intricate and evolving needs of our users, both employers and job seekers. The new features and designs make it extremely localized and tailored to the needs of Egyptian users. We know that not all markets are created equal, so we focus on the specifics of the Egyptian hiring culture and understanding the needs of our clients, without compromising on international standards”, commented Ameer Sherif, CEO and Co-founder of WUZZUF.

Since its inception in 2012, WUZZUF has grown exponentially to a team of over 250 members, empowered over 170,000 job seekers to get hired. With over 3 million profile views and an average of 500,000 open vacancies advertised, WUZZUF is considered the online recruitment market leader in Egypt in terms of the number of jobs and active companies hiring. Over the years, WUZZUF helped to connect more than 1 million talented professionals with more than 15,000 companies effortlessly through its website.

Ameer Sherif concluded: “The new WUZZUF will make professionals’ life easier; it will connect them to more career opportunities and empower them to grow in their careers. It will also empower companies to hire the right calibers in a faster and easier way. We improved, redesigned and re-engineered the product to bring major improvements based on our study of the employers/HR process of work to introduce a more seamless product experience that will make their hiring easier”. Ameer adds, “WUZZUF’s new platform is no longer a transactional job board, it’s the leading career destination for Egypt’s best professionals; it’s the place where they find the best career opportunities in Egypt. Moreover, it’s the leading hiring platform for Egypt’s best companies; it’s the place where they find the best candidates in Egypt”

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