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Top Anticipated Ramadan 2022 Egyptian Series to Watch

The holy month of Ramadan, the fasting season for Muslims, is one of the most sacred and spiritual 30 days of the year in the Muslim nation, especially in the Arab world.

It’s also a time when series and entertainment shows abound as a kind of celebration of the holy month as most families gather after Iftar around the TV to treat themselves after a long day of fasting.

Here is a list of Egyptian series coming this Ramadan to watch:

  1. Enheraf (deviation)

Starring: Rogina, Rania Mahmoud Yasin, Ahmad Safwat, Mohammad Al Kilany.

Based on actual events revolving in a thriller full of mystery, about the deviation of some characters from human nature, They bump into a psychiatrist, and she decides to adjust the course in her way.

2.  AL Ser (The Secret)

Starring: Hussein Fahmi, Wafaa Amer, Nidal Al shafei, Maya Nasri.

It’s about a female lawyer who has a relationship with a businessman and discovers a dangerous secret about him, which leads to many disputes between them. He tries to control and eliminate her using power and influence. Will he succeed?

3. U-Turn

Starring: Tawfik Abdel Hamid, Riham Hajaj, Abeer Sabri, Safaa Al Tokhi.

The events revolve around Yara, who abandons her dream career as a navigation officer for her possessive husband. Still, an encounter with an old friend takes her down a dangerous path.

4. Al Mishwar (The Journey)

Starring: Mohammed Ramadan, Dina Al Sharbini, Omar Abdel Al Jaleel, Biomy Foad.

Two workers at a shipping company face challenges beyond their simple world. Life takes them in endless turns between the antiquities trade and the sudden rise of class and love.

5. Al Ekhtiar – Season 3 ( The Choice )

Starring: Yaser Jalal, Ahmad Ezz, Kareem Abdel Azeez, Ahmad El sa’a.

After the overwhelming and unparalleled success of the last two parts of the series “The Choice” that monitors the army and police championships in Egypt, here is the third part, “The Choice 3”, which will be launched soon during the upcoming Ramadan season 2022, which will come in a few days.

6. Ahlam Saedah ( Sweet Dreams )

Starring: Yousra, Ghada Adel, Nabeel Noor EL dein, Mai Kasab.

Three middle-aged women suffering from insomnia and difficulty sleeping are brought together by fate to undergo experiences that will help them overcome their problems and move on to a better life.

7. Daiman Amer ( always Amer)

Starring: Mustafa Sha’ban, Omar Abdel Jaleel, Cynthia Khalifa, Sama’a Ibrahim.

The events of the Daiman Amer series revolve around a school called Vision, a school whose students and faculty members enter it with significant challenges and disagreements with the school next to it. Mr. Amer is a teacher who accompanies all his students and solves all the complex problems.

8. AL Aedon ( The Returnees)

Starring: Ameer Kararah, Amina khalil, Mouhammad Faraj, Mahmoud Abdel Ghani.

A true story from the Egyptian General Intelligence files deals with the recycling of terrorism and its export to Egypt through the people who returned from the fabricated Islamic State and how they were prepared and manufactured there to return to Egypt to spread terrorism.

9. Rageen Ya Hawa ( We’re Back )

Starring: Khalid El Nabawi, Hana Shiha, Noor the Labanees, Tareq Abdel Aziz.

Accumulating huge debts in Europe, Bligh returns home to claim his right to inherit, but his mission soon turns into a drive to reconcile his family.

10. Fatin Amal Harbi

Starring: Nelly Kareem, Hala sidqi, Fadia Abdel El Ghani, Shareef Salamah,

The series deals with the story of Amal, a real estate agent who is married with two children and lives with her mother-in-law, and many disputes erupt between them, affecting her relationship with her husband and making life impossible between them.

11. Malaf Seri (The secret File)

Starring: Hani Salamah, Muhsen Muhei El dein, Majed El masri, Mirihan Hussein.

When Judge Yahya Ezz El-Din is assigned to condemn the wealthy Maliki family for corruption, his quest for justice sends him on a dangerous adventure.

12. Suits

Starring: Aser Yasin, Ahmad Dawoud, Reem Mustafa, Mouhammad Shahin.

The series revolves around Adam Mansour and Zain Thabet, who get to know each other early on and face complex challenges to solve cases.

13. Tubah (Repentance)

Starring: Omar Sa’ad, Majed El Misri, Diab, Saba Mubarak.

After leaving and regretting his shady past and deciding to settle in a new city to start a clean, brand new life, young Toba’s life is upended when his secret is revealed with the emergence of a person from his past and his union with his archenemy.

14. Maktub Alaya (Meant to be)

Starring: Akram Hussni, Omar Abdel Jaleel, Ayten Omar, Hanady Muhana.

A strange interview changes Jalal’s life when he wakes up the next day to find everything that will happen to him during the day written on his body. His days turn into a series of comic situations.

15. Jazeret Ghimam (Gimam Island)

Starring: Tareq Lutfi, Fathi Abdel El Wahab, Ahmad Amin, Mai Ez El-Din.

The people of Ghamam Island live a series of events that shake their reality when a mysterious group of strangers arrives at their homes.

16. Rania W Sekenah (Rania and Sekenah)

Starring: Ruby, Mai Omar, Ahmad Khaled Saleh, Saba Al Rafe’a.

It’s a social drama, teaser, and comedy about a businessman who owns several companies has great wealth, and has one daughter. One day, this man dies and leaves everything he owns to her. After his death, his daughter is exposed. She faces many difficulties and meets new people in her life who affect all the details of the life she lives in an exciting, dramatic framework.

17. Alam Tani (Another World)

Starring: Rania Yousef, Nidal Al Shafe’a, Feryal Yousef, Feras Sa’ed.

The pianist “Najm” is exposed to an accident that changes her life upside down to reach a stage of spiritual transparency; masks start to fall from the closest people to her,  as she is like a bird fighting against monsters. Will she succeed in defeating the monsters? The upcoming events will answer this question.

18. Betlo’ El Roh (ِAfter it was impossible)

Starring: Menah Shalaby, Elham Shahin, Ahmad Salah El Sadani,Diaman Bo Aboud.

After her husband deceives her and lures her from Egypt to an ISIS den in Syria, Roh tries to escape to ends up in a camp for escapees from the organization, and returning to Egypt becomes a distant dream.

19. Meen Al (Said Who)

Starring: Jamal Suliman, Jamal Abdel Naser, Diana Hisham, Ahmad Dash.

Despite Sharif’s success in high school with a good grade that qualifies him to enter the College of Engineering, which his parents dream of attending, he aspires to own his project of making paper chairs.

20. Wojoh (Faces)

Starring: Hanan Metawe’, Mahmoud Abdel Gani, Hala Fakhir, Abed Anani.

A dramatic series consisting of three stories, each story is around fifteen episodes.

21. AL Madah- Ostoret El Wadi-(The Valley Legend) season 2

Starring: Hamdah Hilal, Hiba Majdy, Kamal Abu Raia, Wala’a Shareef.

Saber Al-Maddah’s strange dream changes the course of his life, and when he tries to find an explanation for it, he finds himself on the cusp of a war he will fight with the jinn (The Demons).

22. Al Kabeer (The Big)  Season 6

Starring: Ahmad Maki, Mouhammad Salam, Byomi Foaud, Hisham Ismael.

After the massive success of the previous seasons, the Hilarious comedy AL Kabeer is coming back with new events and characters.

23. Bablo

Starring: Hassan Al Radad, Sawsan Bader, Salah Abdullah, Rashwan Tawfiq.

Sayed Hassan, known as “Pablo,” his parents died when he was young, and he lived in harsh conditions, but despite that, he was able to face life with all its circumstances and his name shined; everyone knew him because of his help to the needy and less fortunate people, He struggles with a gang that traffics in people He goes through many situations through which he shows his real nature.

24. Shoghl Ali (Monkey Business)

Starring: Fifi Abdo, Shireen Rida, Enji Kiwan, Besant El Nirawi.

It’s about two friends (Fifi Abdo and Shireen Rida) exposed to many comic paradoxes.

25. Fe Baitna Robot (There’s a Reboot in our House) Season 2

Starring: Hisham Jamal, Shaima’a Saif, Amr Wahba, Laila Ahmad Zaher.

In a comic fiction setting, the second season continues the story of software engineer Youssef, who developed two models of robots, Zumba and Laziz, to help him in his company and help his wife Sarah with the housework.

26. Bait El Shadah (House of Cards)

Starring: Wafa’a Amer, Mouhammad Mahran, Ahmad Wafeeq, Amr Ramzi.

It’s a horror-thriller with a lot of exciting events; it is based on some scientific details that were mentioned in the writings of Mustafa Mahmoud and Anis Mansour; it is questioning whether there is another world that we can contact, as there are signals sent from a thousand years that reveal some hidden issues.

27. Doniah Taniah (Another Existence)

Starring: Layla Elwi, Wafa’a Sadeq, Ashraf Zaki, Majdi Kamel.

A school principal named Donia Salem is shocked after her son drowns in the swimming pool, and her second son loses his speech due to the shock of his brother’s death. She held her husband Badr responsible and sought to divorce him.

28. Ward

starring: Hanan Mitawe’, Nidal Al Shafei, Mouhammad Ezz, Mouhammad Lutfi.

Ward (Hanan Mutawa) is exposed to many pressures and successive difficulties as she falls in love with two men, the first, the businessman (Nidal Al-Shafei) and the second the lawyer (Mouhammad Ezz).

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