instaConsult Launches Personal Consultation via Whatsapp

In this age, technology can literally be injected into your skin. So don’t expect this to be a far topic. Actually, we’re utilizing technology to fetch you the best global consultants to help you make life decisions easier and your daily life happier.

The new-normal after Covid-19 forced everything to be online. So we decided you better leverage the good part of it in your favor.

Anyone can be an influencer.

It’s quite challenging for public figures and influencers to develop their own consultation management system, integrate billing methods, have customer support, and integrate all that on a Facebook page or auto-reply messages.

InstaConsult allows public figures and professionals on social media to monetize their regular messaging and on-phone voice conversations with fans via a managed platform. Including family counselors, health specialists, marriage & parenting counselors, psychologists, life coaches, community leaders, nutritionists & healing with energy experts, fitness & sports professionals, motivational speakers, investors, tech geeks.

Basically, anyone who has the talent and loves to inspire people! Millennials can really enhance their lifestyle and get instantaneous messages or calls consultations from their favorite influencers.

InstaConsult provided +1000 consultations through more than +50 experienced counselors and influencers since its launch at the beginning of 2020

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Community and Audience

Reach your favorite star, right on Whatsapp, with a simple user interface. Anytime anywhere, just a few tabs. Message a physiotherapist, call an investor to pitch, record a song to a famous composer, or even ask for free support from abroad COVID-expert!

Instaconsult eases influencers’ reachability with its cost-effective methods that can instantly put you in contact with your favorite influencers.

End-to-end WhatsApp Communication

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication platforms, connecting more than 2 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp ensures privacy and provides smart integration with billing, which ensures professionals and end-user privacy.

BOT vs. Humanoid

Developing an automated chatbot or simply BOT is no longer a challenge. But establishing a smart fusion with human customer support is the true challenge. InstaConsult support their professionals with 24/7 human support whenever needed right WhatsApp

So WhatsApp plays a vital role; it connects the user to the right agent at the right time almost instantly without interrupting his experience.

Personal Branding

Unlike other consultation platforms that can not be personally branded due to branding conflicts, country policies, app store rules, or communication style. InstaConsult allows each public figure to personalize his own account, control price, and style his own reply method via text and voice.

Branding and communication through InstaConsult are smooth. Using API techniques, telephone voice, Whatsapp, and online communication. Each counselor has his own personal branded display URL, like Sara. Consulting.

This link can be used directly anywhere on a public figure social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You can also choose to communicate your own personal brand with cost-effective methods to reach personal branding growth, revenue generation, and fans monetization.

A Guaranteed Investment

Too many VoIP technologies face challenges in the Middle East; however, normal on-voice telephony remains one of the most stable communication mediums.

Instaconsult provides a smart fusion between WhatsApp Business API capabilities and CPaaS or Cloud Platform as a Service. Voice telecommunication allows every public figure to have his own unique telephone number, just like a hotline.

InstaConsult is rolling out the most innovative and on-demand voice consultation in the Middle East to reach a worldwide scale.  Built by ex-google, ex-Microsoft, engineers, and social media experts in San Francisco, Jordan, and Cairo.

Competitive Edge

While other platforms have a common approach for all counselors, either a landing page on a website, a mobile app, or a hotline, InstaConsult provides every public figure with a unique telephone number, which can be used literally everywhere! Starting from his own business card until his LinkedIn profile.

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