Outsourcing IT support – why are so many companies doing it?

As a business, having 24/7 support from your IT department is a must. Sadly, with current business infrastructures, many IT consultants and support systems clock off when the rest of the office does, leaving business owners feeling vulnerable and lacking control of their IT department.

Wouldn’t it be much better and productive to have access to the latest equipment, software and technology, industry experts, and the knowledge that the security and protection of your digital world are in safe hands? Well, when you choose to outsource your IT support, that’s exactly what you get – and more.

More businesses than ever are turning to outsourced IT support – click here to discover Probrand – but what else makes this decision so appealing? And does it really benefit your business? Read on to find out why so many companies are choosing to outsource their IT support network.

You get IT, experts, without the hefty price tag

Most small businesses can’t afford the salary of an IT consultant let alone a whole team. However, when you choose to outsource your IT support, you’ll get a whole host of highly qualified IT technicians with a variety of skills and specialisms working for you. So you get quality IT solutions without the huge dent in your budget.

A reduction in downtime

Downtime is bad for any business, but when you’re a small business, too much of it can be financially crippling. Downtime can occur for all kinds of reasons, although it’s mostly due to an IT issue. When you outsource your IT support, you’ll find that your IT infrastructure is being constantly monitored, allowing any issues to be picked up before they disrupt the day to day workings of your office.

Your business security will be improved

As a business, you’re carrying a huge amount of sensitive data. From personal information regarding clients and employees to payment details, accounts and sensitive reports. Keeping on top of your cybersecurity and staying one step ahead of cybercriminals can seem daunting, but when you outsource your IT support, you get the benefit of experts who specialize in keeping businesses like yours safe.

You’ll get tailored IT support

Create an IT department and you’ll get an umbrella service and skills that cover most things, some of which you’ll probably never utilize – but you’ll still pay for in terms of salaries. Outsource your IT support and all your IT requirements are fully tailored to your needs, making it much more cost-effective.

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