Twitter rolls out refreshed web interface

Reflecting The Look & Feel of iOS & Android Apps

In its continuous success journey, Twitter is rolling out its new web look & feel to match IOS & Android apps design for better user experience.

Twitter announced the update and here’s the new look like:

Twitter new look & feel for IOS & Android apps
Twitter new look & feel for IOS & Android apps

This update enables users to personalize their profile much more — The settings menu now has an option to add accent colors.

Overall, users will notice that the navigation bar is in a different color and style than before, matching what is on the mobile apps, few icons have received an update as well, such as the one for direct messages and create new tweet, etc…

Also, when looking at your home feed, your profile picture and background will now appear in the top left-hand side of the screen, right above where the number of Tweets you’ve sent are located.

You will not notice any new function, we can name this as UX update for better user friendly and matching all platforms.

At last, not all users have got the update, however we think that you will get it shortly, unlike Facebook takes months to roll our a small update!

Let us know what do you think of the new twitter look & feel update, do you like it?