Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018
Dubai Lynx 2018
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Reviewing latest advertising campaigns in the digital marketing sphere in MENA. We deliver an in-depth look at marketing campaigns and even more.

Dubai Lynx Announces 2018 Awards Winners

Dubai Lynx Announces 2018 Awards Winners

The annual Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity concluded this evening with an Awards Ceremony following three days of talks, workshops, networking and creative inspiration. Jose Papa, Managing Director Cannes Lions commenting on the 2018...
facebook bans cryptocurrency and ICO advertising

Facebook forbids cryptocurrency, ICO ads

Facebook banned ads for cryptocurrency and related activities in a new advertising policy issued on Jan. 30, which claims the move improves integrity and security of financial product and services advertising on its main...
Wonderlists solves the Unwanted Gifts dilemma, JWT Lebanon

Wonderlists solves the Unwanted Gifts dilemma in Lebanon

A new online platform from Wonderlists solves the unwanted gifts dilemma, making couples and gifters in Lebanon very happy. The service is reinventing the traditional wedding gift registry by providing an easy-to-build, easy-to-manage and an easy-to-share...
Creative Industry Ramadan 2017: Everything you need to know

Get ready for Creative Industry’s 3rd Ramadan Edition: Everything you need to know

Creative Industry Ramadan edition of this year will take place on the Tuesday, September 19 at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel Cairo. This energetic one-day event brings together the bigwigs of the creative...
Infographic: Issues Related to Food Wastage

Infographic: Issues Related to Food Wastage

A recent YouGov study focused on issues related to food wastage has found that the top source of food wastage in the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia is left over or discarded food in...
olx egypt ramadan report 2017, Momtaz Moussa, OLX’s General Manager of Egypt

Egyptians spent 390 million minutes browsing OLX during Ramadan

OLX Egypt, the leading online classifieds platform, reveals the first of its kind report after monitoring user’s activities throughout the holy month of Ramadan. OLX platform analyzes users’ behavioral patterns and the platform’s usage peak...
ipsos ramadan report, ramadan 2017, hospital 57357, non-profit advertising , ipsos NGOs Egypt report 2017

NGOs Ad Value Exceeds EGP 250 Million in Ramadan 2017

The number of commercial spots presented by non-profit organizations during Ramadan is valued at EGP 250 million in Egypt, according to IPSOS report. The report, which has been conducted for the first ten days of Ramadan,...
Seven Uplifting Ads That Make You Want To Give To Charity This Ramadanvideo

Seven Uplifting Ads That Make You Want To Give To Charity This Ramadan

Pain, misery and suffering have always been synonymous with charitable ads in Ramadan to gain viewers’ sympathy and increase donations but more charities this season resorted to joyful storylines in a clear shift from...
Cannes Lions 2017, Cannes Lions Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

Cannes Lions 2017 Predictions: Less roaring, more bite

“Doing good” is for most brands (and agencies) like pissing in a wet suit. It feels nice and warm, but quickly begins to stink. Femvertising, gayvertising, goodvertising, causevertising or whatever you call it seems to...
Entrepreneurship Opportunity in Egypt, publishing industry in egypt, ad revenue chain in egypt

The Entrepreneurship Opportunity in Egypt  (5): The Advertising Value Chain

Hell is just a sauna  Here is how I described it in my 1st article in the series: “The value chain in the real world consists of: the Publisher — who creates the content, the publishers’ agency — who buys...

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