Today, Egypt has woke up to a very interesting news on the social media scene. Instagram Ads are coming, very soon. A handful of Egyptians on Instagram noticed this picture on their newsfeed, without opting in or liking the Instagram account
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So, finally Instagram has decided to roll out its advertising platform to our market, after almost a 2-years pilot phase of only the US and select markets in Europe, Instagram is finally opening up ad space for 300+ million users globally.

When should we expect it?

Very soon, as soon as next week. It is launching next week for select partners and global clients of Instagram, who get the first right of refusal on new ad formats, then gradually start fading in regular clients then eventually opening up to the public for a full rollout in October, 2015.
Update 9/9/2015: Instagram blog just announced the exact date. Which will be 30th of September for all large and small businesses around the world.

What kind of ads will you see on Instagram?

Its very hush-hush at the moment, but from what has been announced so far, there will be the usual photo/video ads such as the picture above, which in turn can direct you to a promoted Instagram account, or the advertiser’s website outside.
There will also be the Carousel ad format, which is a storytelling feature, the Instagram way.. Just flip through the story in pictures as you would usually skim through a comic-book.
Interesting for small businesses and direct sales, there will be the direct response ads. These are ad formats that instigate a direct action from the consumer, to download an app, fill in a form, apply for a certain service or head over to an online store.

 How does this change things?

  • While Instagram will work on delivering only relevant ads for its users, but do expect some clutter from stuff you might not be particularly interested in, just because you fit the demographic profile. (that you can opt-out from later)
  • More value directly driven to small businesses, so all the Fashion-stores that have solely been operational on Instagram can now convert this Insta-fame to direct sales, but they’ll need to work on their websites in that case
  • Much less “influence of influencers”, as brands will be able to pay for their own follower-base, they will be relying less on social influencers and more on their brands

Will be interesting to wait and watch how agencies of Egypt will use and abuse it just like they raped Facebook a couple of years ago, that people will have to seek refuge somewhere else, somewhere more niche and exclusive.. and ad-free… Did someone say Snapchat?
Only time will tell 🙂