Coca Cola Egypt Celebrates 100 Years With Sham El Nessim

Coca Cola is celebrating 100 years with the world this year, each country/region is creating a localized campaign inline with the big picture celebration “100 Years of Happiness”. In Egypt, Coca Cola decided to capitalize on spring holiday “Sham El-Neseem” as it is known for picnics, old songs, family gatherings, happiness & the colorful life that spring brings.
Launch date: 10th of April, 3 days before Sham El-Neseem day in 13th of April.

Coca Cola Facebook Post 

100 Years of Happiness launch on Facebook

Coca Cola Song on Soundcloud  

Coca Cola Egypt 100 Years Campaign Analysis – Social Media

It’s too short to evaluate the campaign and analyze the buzz, so keep up with us for campaign phase#1 analysis soon, till that day, we’d love to know what do you think of the ad, and if it was as joyful as what Cocacola normally does?
Happy Sham El-Neseem