Facebook Ads Manager goes down prior Black Friday

Facebook Ads Manager tool went down for several hours on Tuesday, leaving brands and advertisers unable to run Black Friday ads.

The platform returns with errors while advertisers try to place new ads. One of the error says “Unable to publish some campaigns, ad sets or ads: You are trying to publish a fragment twice. (#100.1885634).”

Facebook Ads Manager Error
Facebook Ads Manager Error

This morning, Facebook Ads Manager displayed a back online notification, declared that you may still experience issues while Facebook system recovers.

“Access Is Restored but Systems Are Still Recovering

In the past 24 hours, you may have had trouble accessing Ads Manager and other services. Access is now restored, so you can create and publish ads. Ads created but not published during this time were saved and can be reviewed in your drafts. You may experience intermittent issues while our system recovers and reporting may not be current. We will update this message once resolved. Thank you for your patience.”

Facebook ads manager notification
Facebook ads manager notification

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