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Elves app heeds millions of online help requests using artificial intelligence

Many find it difficult to make errands in Egypt, especially in the deafening, crowded city of Cairo. But for the founder of Elves app Karim...
Karim Elsahy, elves app, elves, artificial intelligence, AI, Egypt, Silicon Valley

Karim Elsahy

Karim Elsahy is a winning angel investor & serial entrepreneur with a current emphasis on ai, bots, and conversational commerce. He is Founder / CEO..., Breaking news, shutting down

Breaking News website, app are shutting down

Breaking News website and mobile app will stop providing updates and alerts on Dec. 31. The parent company, NBC News, has decided to shut down the...
A Look Back at UBER Egypt in 2016: Top Driver, Riders and More Data

A Look Back at UBER Egypt in 2016: Top Driver, Riders and More Data

Cairo remains UBER’s fastest growing city across EMEA region, the company reached over 40,000 drivers a month, from 2000 at the same time last year. UBER...

Facebook Messenger builds a new in-app camera for Snapchat-style selfies

Facebook Messenger rolled out a new in-app camera that includes features like facial masks, photo filters and stickers. See Also: ? Instagram reaches 600 million users...
no more screenshots on instagram, saved posts, bookmark icon

Instagram now lets you save posts to revisit later

Facebook's Instagram has released a new feature which enables users to save posts for later, right from the feed. The feature was first introduced...

Tether adds ‘Gracenote’ music recognition features to power better music discovery

itagit technologies has signed a multi-territory music licensing deal with Gracenote to power two new features in its TETHER music discovery mobile app.  With...
itagit technologies, TETHER & TVTAG mobile applications

TETHER, TVTAG mobile apps bring ‘never seen before’ user experience to...

Cairo, Dubai – Out of the turmoil and challenging times that Egypt went through post its revolution in 2011 and at a time where...
WhatsApp ends support to blackberry, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4S, iOS 6, nokia, windows phones

WhatsApp to end support for millions of phones in 2017

  World's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp has some tough decisions and it's really bad news for many people. The Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp announced that its mobile app...

Careem Officially Integrates Water-Travel Option to its Application

Cairo, November 24th, 2016 -- Careem has announced a new collaboration with the “WATER TAXI” service today, offering a new “car-type” that allows clients...
secure video calling on WhatsApp

WhatsApp adds secure video calling amid privacy concerns

One of the world’s most popular means of communication, WhatsApp, is adding fully encrypted video calling to its messaging app on Monday, a move...
UAE visa via mobile

Apply for UAE visa using DVPC app

DVPC (Dubai Visa Processing Centre) has launched a mobile app, which allows applicants from any location in the world to apply for a UAE...
twitter dashboard

What is Twitter Dashboard and How Can Brands Utilize It?

We’ve talked before on how conversational Twitter is, and how brands can join and create more conversation using Twitter Conversational Cards, that being said,...
UBER hits Sahel with its safe and affordable rides

UBER hits Sahel with its safe and affordable rides

Starting Today, Tuesday, July 5th, Uber will be in Sahel to put an end to the hassle hopping around between compounds. Safe and affordable rides all...
Create Stunning Social Media Designs With Adobe Post Mobile App

Create Stunning Social Media Designs With Adobe Post Mobile App

Adobe launched a new mobile app to create stunning Social Media posts in order to be easier for Social Media professionals to make their own...
riseUp Summit 2015, riseup15, riseup summit, riseupsummit, cairo, apps, shisha square, raknaapp, uber app, linkedin app, digital boom

13 Apps to Make the Most of RiseUp Summit 2015

RiseUp Summit 2015, how would you make the most of your entrepreneurship fest experience? You’re probably following hashtag #RiseUp15 on social networks, but if you want to get...
uber or careem?, Uber vs Careem, über, careem

Taxi App Review: Uber or Careem?

Two of the most famous online taxi apps - are up and running in Egypt, offering Cairenes a quality alternative transportation at a click...

Must Get: Moment App For iPhone

Moment app is an iOS app that automatically tracks how much you use your iPhone and iPad each day. If you’re using your phone too much, you can set daily limits on yourself and...

Whatsapp Calls to be Available Soon

Voice calls via WhatsApp soon

Introducing “Facebook Paper”

Facebook is introducing Facebook Paper, a new app that helps users explore and share stories from friends and populare news sources.

Whatsapp Global Outage

World has experienced Whatsapp global outage due to technical issues on 8th of Dec, 2013, affected the application connectivity on all mobile devices

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