Spotify Premium Will Only Cost EGP49.99 Per Month in Egypt

Spotify Will Only Cost EGP49.99 Per Month in Egypt

Spotify is reportedly launching in Egypt and the MENA region this November, Spotify premium access will cost EGP49.99 per month, $2.7 approximately.

Spotify Premium will be available with the offer of a one-month free ­trial, after users provide their credit card information. Afterwards, the service is offered at a premium price of EGP49.99 a month.

Spotify is now available in Egypt and the Middle East.

spotify premium costs EGP 49.99 per month middle east north africa
Spotify Premium price in Egypt.

Spotify Premium costs $9.99 in the US, however, Spotify made this huge cut in its pricing in Egypt and the MENA region to benchmark with Apple Music and the local music streaming app Anghami.

Apple Music and Anghami are offered at three different prices, ranging from $2.7 to $4.16 a month, depending on the number of devices able to stream at the same time whether individual or family, in addition, a discounted price of $1.4 for students.

While Anghami has more payment methods including mobile credit after securing a number of partnerships with mobile operators in the region, physical cards, PayPal, CashU, OneCard, traditional credit cards, itunes and google play.

The company has launched its Arabic twitter account last month, in a step indicates that it’s coming to MENA region soon.

Spotify App remains unavailable to download on AppStore and Google Play in the Middle East and North Africa. While its website has become available in Arabic, it also detects and recognizes if a user is visiting from one of the MENA countries by displaying their country flag in the footer area. Which tells us that Spotify is launching very soon.

Spotify website is in arabic is now in Arabic in the Middle East and North Africa

Operating across 65 markets, Spotify continues to be unavailable in a number of key territories, including Russia, Middle East and most of Africa.