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Sometime Gulf-based journalist, full time communcations professional and @MEPRA_org vice chair. Proud father who loves a good chat.
Fallout of the Careem - Fakharany Saga

Fallout of the Careem – Fakharany Saga

It started so well. One of the most respected Egyptian IT executives, a 3Com and Google veteran (disclaimer – I briefly worked with Wael...
dark social, whatsapp, research, digital boom

Why MENA communicators should care about dark social ‘WhatsApp’?

This blog post has been updated since WhatsApp announced plans to share user data with parent company Facebook from the original post. Let me ask you...
pokemon go and the middle east brands, consumers and advertisers

Pokemon Go and the Middle East – Advertiser, Brand, Consumer Reactions...

I wanted to write on something fairly light and fun today in light of recent events in the Middle East and in Europe. So,...

Are Egyptians the most effective marketers in the Middle East?

For all of you other Arab nationals (especially us Lebanese), please do forgive the question. But having sat through another round of judging at...

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