Chipsy Egypt Draws Happiness

Chipsy Egypt kicked off a new positive advertising campaign calling for the start of a “90 million laugh”. Featuring Egyptian comedian Ahmed Helmy, the TVC reveals the newly designed Chipsy packs which come with a big laugh on top. The design varies on each pack, reflecting various facial shapes and age groups.
The commercial shows Egyptians from all walks of life covering their faces with the Chipsy “laugh” packs, asking everyone to “start the 90 million laugh.”

Watch Chipsy Egypt New TVC:

Chipsy Egypt are Experimenting Organic Facebook Video Impact vs YouTube 

The TVC was launched on both social video platforms YouTube and Facebook. Surprisingly, the Facebook views scored more than 80K views in less than 12 hours, however, on YouTube it scored only 400 views!
Chipsy Egypt Experiment
Big brands in Egypt still do not believe in Facebook videos, we think now that Chipsy will change their minds.
Let us hear your opinions about the TVC and the Chipsy new experiment. Have a lovely Friday!