Uber Makes Everyone Think

Uber, the little App on your smartphone is in 57 countries and makes more revenue than most rental car companies in major airports across the world, e.g  Hertz. When you come up with a great business model, you need a great Brand to sustain the proposed value. Business strategy and Brand Strategy are inseparable.

How to Create Your Space Like Uber ?

To “Create Your Space”, you need both knowledge and expertise to revolutionize the market. Today Uber brought a new meaning to transportation and how we move from point A to point B, Uber evolved the Taxi experience.
In few months from now Saudi will witness a new incoming transportation app named “Honk”, third to enter the game after Careem and Uber.  Interesting days ahead of us, time to ” Create Your Space” or fold.
Said Aghil Baaghil is an Advisor in branding and marketing for reputable companies in the Middle East, for further information you may reach Baaghil at baaghil@askbaaghil.com