YouTube Launches Aflam Arabic Movies Library

Youtube Aflam is a movie library, aggregating Egyptian cinema classics from different official channels in one organized channel.
Aggregation is a smart way to create a movies library on youtube. It’s easy now to find your favorite classical movies from different official owners like Sawt Al Fan and others. Youtube provides a powerful in-channel search by year, actress, actor, director, writer, genre, and more.

Snapshots from Aflam Youtube Channel

It’s all organized by genre, year, artist, director and even by writer!
Screenshot – Youtube Aflam Channel
It’s not the first time for Youtube to host Arabic content. Youtube created a similar channel in 2013 about Ramadan, aggregating top buzzing TV series in Ramadan to help people watch them on their favorite video platform with no disturbing commercial breaks.
Thanks Youtube for helping in documenting our legends and taking care of the Arabic video content.


    1. Hi Sandrita, thanks a lot for your feedback, we’re still improving our website, so please accept our apology for any inconvenience.
      Please check now and let me know if the scrolling now is better or still having troubles.

  1. This is NOT officially launched by Youtube. It is just a channel like any
    others. You can tell by each (video) uploaded by a different channel
    (illegally I might add) and gathered in a playlist by this channel
    (Aflam). Enjoy the continuous piracy of film productions in the Middle
    East and the entire Arab world.

    1. Hi Yousif, they didn’t announce “true”, but we verified the news before publishing. It’s 100% clear that youtube owns this channel, for the following reasons:
      – No one will use youtube trademark and the company will let him/her continue infringing the copyrights.
      – Who can promote a youtube channel on google display network without going through the google ads review? Google would discover the trademark infringement easily, reject the ad, terminate the channel.
      – Google didn’t deny the news, they always reach to us to correct any wrong information or add more details if needed.
      – Official video:
      Because of the above reasons, we came up with the assumption that Aflam is an official channel created by youtube.
      Thank you!