Brands in Saudi Arabia gone wild over a tweet, why?

A random tweet by a Saudi guy drove +300 brands in Saudi Arabia to engage with. People and brands created a dedicated hashtag to support Abdullah’s tweet. Quickly, the tweet became one the most successful advertising/marketing campaigns in Saudi Arabia! So what’s unique about Abdullah’s tweet to make all that noise?

The Booming Tweet

Abdullah Al Subayel Tweeted the below On May 26th at 6:02 P.M. The tweet received +5800 Retweets and +970 Favorites, but that isn’t the case!

Brands in Saudi Arabia Discovered the Opportunity

The Account “Fitness Time” was the first brand to engage, they replied to Abdullah asking him to provide them with the location of his Backyard.

Then, every single brand wanted to hijack the opportunity to promote their products and services.

Even Al Arabiya News Joined The Conversation

The era of direct advertising isn’t working with people, that what social media proved over the last 8 year. If you are on social media to promote your products in a traditional way, you’re mistaken. You need you listen more and discover opportunities by yourself. Get engaged quickly and the most important “Smarty” to win the heart and the mind of your customers. It’s social media gentlemen.

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