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instagram lets users zoom on photos and videos

Instagram lets you zoom on photos and videos, finally

Ever wanted to see a specific detail in a photo or a video on Instagram, and tried to zoom but can't? Today, Instagram has...
Instagram introduces new business tools, features

Instagram introduces new business tools, features

Instagram has announced the launch of its free built-in dashboard, full of data and insights, to help brands and small businesses understand how their photos and...
2 million comments on Facebook

Why did these posts got over 2 million comments on Facebook?

Everyday we see like, comment, share, click baiting posts on Facebook, which announced several times before that they're taking such like click-baiting posts down...
Rami Rais, digital boom, adele arabic, adele drabuka, adele

Adele's Hello Gets An Oriental Flavor

Jordanian musician, Rami Rais added an oriental flavor in his cover clip for Adele's new hit Hello, which generated 200 millions views in the first 10 days of its release,...
snapchat life, qatar, arab, millions views, digital boom

How to get 3-5 millions views on Snapchat?

Snapchat has always celebrated the way that people see the world. It’s fun to experience different perspectives through Snaps, Stories and Our Story. One of the...
SMDayQR, Social Media Day Qatar

Social Media Day Qatar 2015

For the first time since initiated in 2010, Qatar hosted mashable social media day celebration on July 4th, 2015, at one of Doha's famous restaurants "Jones...
Lexus Hover board

Lexus Hoverboard Is Now Alive!

YES! Lexus hover board is now real. Lexus made every child who was born in the 80's dream's come true. Introducing the Lexus Hoverboard The Lexus...
Brands in Saudi Arabia gone wild over a tweet, why?

Brands in Saudi Arabia gone wild over a tweet, why?

A random tweet by a Saudi guy drove +300 brands in Saudi Arabia to engage with. People and brands created a dedicated hashtag to support Abdullah's tweet....
dubai ruler, smart dubai

Dubai Ruler Tweets Ultimatum

Responsible leaders hold their governments accountable. Dubai Ruler set an example for Arab leaders on Twitter, giving his officials a 1-month ultimatum to finish the Smart Government...

Hyundai Sends a Message to Space

When Stephanie started missing her dad she never thought this will happen! Stephy's dad has one of the weirdest jobs in life... " An Astronaut...

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